Florida Retirement Communities: Turning Retirement Living Into Resort Style

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Florida retirement communities,Guest Posting once staid condo communities with the occasional shuffleboard court or swimming pool, are now among the most stylish, well-equipped communities available, and buyers are clamoring to get in.

As the population of retired home buyers grows, developers are paying increasing attention to their demands and designing communities to specifically address them. This new generation of retirees is accustomed to greater services and more luxurious amenities in their day-to-day living than the previous generation; and the new generation of retirement communities demonstrates that shift.

The Florida retirement communities of today boast more spacious homes, and most of these new homes include high-end finishes and community amenities previously only found in the single-family home market.

Florida is one of the top retirement destinations, and developers understand that retirees who choose Florida do so for the vacation atmosphere and resort style amenities they’ve enjoyed as visitors. That’s why ample outdoor living space is making its way to Florida retirement living, as are features like spa tubs and swimming pools. Retirement communities are looking more and more like resorts, with multiple swimming pools, fire pits, water views, tennis and golf opportunities, boating, kayaking, trails, horseshoe pits and more. Many retirees are also coming from country clubs and want the level of service, style and social activities they’ve enjoyed in their prime. Active clubhouses are now the hub of today’s communities, with cards, clubs, parties, holiday events and more, making retirement feel more like a vacation than ever.

This generation of retirees is also younger than previous generations, and undoubtedly more active. They continue to entertain friends and host family members for holidays, and they want the space and the luxury to do so. More travel, hobbies and other activities keep this group more energetic and may also take them away from home. While clubhouse activities and lifelong learning programs are helping retirees make the most of today’s retirement communities, residents in Florida also enjoy the maintenance-free living that allows them to come and go as they please. This is great for the jetsetter who may be headed off on a European vacation, or even the everyday retiree who enjoys a nice game of golf.

Today’s Florida retirement communities are more active than ever, and it seems there is something to suit virtually every need. From small fishing and boating communities in the panhandle to large, lavish country club style communities in south Florida, the retirement communities these days are no longer easily definable. This lack of definition is owed to the careful attention of developers who are examining the needs of today’s retiree and designing communities that turn retirement living into resort living. Whether you’re looking for a simple, maintenance-free home to come back to between travels or a luxury home that makes every day feel like a vacation, these luxurious retirement communities are defining resort style living in never before seen ways. This is giving retirees exactly what they want: the opportunity to turn their retirement into their dream vacation with endless choices, locations and amenities to help them do so.

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