Gears of War- the best video game action figures ever

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A rundown of the official action figures released for fans of the GEARS OF WAR video games franchise!

There is no denying that Gears of War has captured the imagination of games fans the world over,Guest Posting and while the sequel is fuelling the excitement surrounding the franchise even further, the accompanying range of action figures from NECA have been filling fans' shelves with some of the best examples of licensed merchandise in years. Three sets of Gears of War action figures have been created so far, along with three popular box sets. The figures include:


The first set of official action figures based on the hugely popular Xbox 360 game arrived in the middle of 2008 to a great deal of praise from fans. NECA produced the figures to a very high standard and stuck very closely to the game designs to create what are arguably the best video game figures ever.

The first set of official figures included the characters Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, Locust Drone and Locust Sniper. A box set of all four figures, with extra accessories and a variant head for one of the Locusts was also made available. The box set proved almost as popular as the individual figures, and was presented in a very eye-catching window-fronted presentation box.


Series two of the officially licensed Gears of War action figures is due for release in November 2008. The gaming legend's move to the world of sculpted and articulated collectibles continues with four brand new action figures to add to the range. Once again, the figures were presented with an extremely high level of sculpted detail on both the figures themselves and their accessories.

Series two features Dominik Santiago, Damon Baird, Theron Guard and Locust with 'Exploding head' variant extremity. Another box set was released alongside the individual action figures, containing all four of them with extra weapons. Once again, the box set was released in an attractive long box with window-front display.


The third set of Gears of War action figures to be released by NECA is here with the start of 2009. Four new game figures are included this time around, along with an alternate version of one figure.

This new set includes a superb new version of Marcus Fenix, an excellent COG soldier, Theron palace Guard, and Locust grappler (along with alternate Locust Cyclops). As ever, the figures are available with game-authentic weapons and highly- detailed sculpts.

A third box set was made available that featured all four main human characters, but this time the long-box they were shipped in was rather shorter than the previous two box sets. It has still proven to be a huge hit with fans of the range.

No doubt a fourth series of figures, and more Gears of War merchandise, will be announced before long. Fans are already talking about what may happen in the rumoured 3rd game, and with news of a movie adaptation of the Gears of War franchise on the way, it looks like this is one adventure that won't lose it's power for some time to come.

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