Gears of War: The Ultimate Action Figures for Video Game Enthusiasts

May 15


Andrew Hawnt

Andrew Hawnt

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Gears of War has captivated gamers worldwide, and the excitement surrounding the franchise continues to grow with each new release. Alongside the games, NECA's action figures have become a must-have for fans, offering some of the finest licensed merchandise available. This article delves into the official Gears of War action figures, detailing each series and their unique features.


Series One: The Beginning of an Iconic Collection

The first series of Gears of War action figures debuted in mid-2008,Gears of War: The Ultimate Action Figures for Video Game Enthusiasts Articles receiving widespread acclaim for their high-quality craftsmanship and faithful representation of the game's characters. NECA's attention to detail set a new standard for video game collectibles.

Characters Included in Series One:

  • Marcus Fenix
  • Augustus Cole
  • Locust Drone
  • Locust Sniper

Additionally, a box set featuring all four figures, extra accessories, and a variant head for one of the Locusts was released. This set, presented in an eye-catching window-fronted box, became almost as popular as the individual figures.

Series Two: Expanding the Universe

Released in November 2008, the second series of Gears of War action figures continued to impress with four new characters. The figures maintained the high level of sculpted detail and authenticity that fans had come to expect.

Characters Included in Series Two:

  • Dominik Santiago
  • Damon Baird
  • Theron Guard
  • Locust with 'Exploding Head' Variant

A box set containing all four figures, along with extra weapons, was also made available. This set was presented in a long box with a window-front display, making it a desirable addition to any collection.

Series Three: New Additions and Variants

The third series, released at the start of 2009, introduced four new figures and an alternate version of one character. NECA continued to deliver game-authentic weapons and highly detailed sculpts.

Characters Included in Series Three:

  • Marcus Fenix (New Version)
  • COG Soldier
  • Theron Palace Guard
  • Locust Grappler (with Alternate Locust Cyclops)

A third box set featuring all four main human characters was also released. Although the box was shorter than previous sets, it remained a hit with fans.

The Future of Gears of War Merchandise

With the anticipation of a fourth series and more Gears of War merchandise, fans are eagerly speculating about future releases. The rumored third game and a potential movie adaptation suggest that the Gears of War franchise will continue to thrive.

Interesting Stats:

  • Gears of War Franchise Sales: As of 2021, the Gears of War franchise has sold over 22 million copies worldwide (source).
  • Action Figure Market Growth: The global action figure market is expected to grow from $7.08 billion in 2020 to $9.92 billion by 2027 (source).


The Gears of War action figures by NECA have set a benchmark for video game collectibles. With their meticulous attention to detail and faithful representation of the game's characters, these figures have become a cherished part of many fans' collections. As the franchise continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality merchandise is likely to grow, ensuring that Gears of War remains a beloved and enduring series.