How To Avoid Mistakes In Playing Pick-4 Lotto

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 There’s no sure-fire way to win the lotto, whether is Pick-4, Pick-5 or any game. There’s truth to the statistics that says the chances of you being struck by lightning are far greater than you winning the lotto.

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There’s no sure-fire way to win the lotto, whether is Pick-4, Pick-5 or any game. There’s truth to the statistics that says the chances of you being struck by lightning are far greater than you winning the lotto.


Getting the right number combination might as well be a matter of one being lucky. But granting that’s the case, it is still possible for one to increase his chances of winning the lotto. There are as many ways to increase one’s chances of hitting that winning lottery numbers as there are people playing the lotto. The thing is, you cannot prove that your strategy wins unless you have won a game. Even the most well-thought of strategy doesn’t provide an assurance of a win.


You might not have a 100 percent assurance of winning in Pick-4 lottery, but you can minimize your chances of failure by not using some so-called strategies, even if they look promising at first. By avoiding these mistakes, you can save the time and money that spent on a combination that doesn’t stand a chance at all.

What “Strategies” To Avoid


Avoid picking a number series. There’s no proof that consecutive numbers do well in Pick-4 lottery. The same is true with a multiple series combination. For example, there’s no assurance that the 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 number combination stands a better chance than other combinations. Forget about seven as a lucky number.


The same is true with the even-odd numbers combination. Aside from being a very obvious choice, these combinations are not proven to have won in Pick-4 or in any other lotto games in a successive pattern such that they are proven to work. Otherwise, a lot of people would have been millionaires by now.


Another false strategy is picking a number combination on the basis that it has won before and it might win again. A reverse to this is choosing a number combination that has not won yet, thinking that it might finally win this time. Again, there’s no proof that this strategy works.


Another strategy is to pick a number combination based on the belief that the combination is a lucky one. An example of this is the number 7. Some people believe that a number combination that has number 7 in it is lucky.


People also choose a number combination based on important dates in their lives, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. This is in the belief that their lucky stars shine the brightest on these dates. This is the most popular “strategy” used in playing lotto, or any form of gambling. But what happens if there are more numbers to bet than the numbers in the calendar?


This is another “strategy” to avoid. First, there are no lucky stars. Second, the game of lotto doesn’t even know you exist, how much more about the important dates in your life. How can you be sure that the strategy will even produce guaranteed Pick-4 wins with 15 number combinations?


Don’t believe in promises people tell you. Ignore those tip sheets, those lottery tipsters and other forms of lottery advice. They will only cost you money. Have those lotto tipsters produced a winning lotto combination yet? In most cases no. Otherwise, the publisher of those tip sheets wouldn’t print those combinations and keep them to himself.


With today’s high-end technology, there have been several computer programs and software that offer you the secret to the winning combinations. It is so tempting to believe in the programs because they appear to be products of careful research and sophisticated mathematical configuration.


Considering all these “strategies”, you need to realize that the lotto machine picks the winning number combination at random. And by random, it means it doesn’t follow any particular pattern. Any kind of lotto game, like Pick-4, doesn’t follow a structure or pattern in picking the right combination.

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