How to play bass guitar with a pick

Jun 26


Yuri Silva

Yuri Silva

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The question of whether using a pick or not when playing bass is one of the most often asked questions in the bass community. This argument is persistent, therefore we wrote an unique post with excellent advice for you to play bass with a pick.


Although some people still view the usage of the bass pick as improper,How to play bass guitar with a pick Articles it is a fantastic tool for determining our tones. It's crucial to constantly keep in mind that this tiny item functions more like a tool than anything else. This implies that the usage of the pick is highly welcome if you want to play in various ways and acquire various tones.

How do you use a pick to play bass?

From this point forward, you'll accompany us carrying a comprehensive manual that will teach you how to play bass using only a pick. Check out our step-by-step guide for advice on anything from picking the right sort of pick to fun bass techniques to try out:

Get the right pick

The first step is to make a wise decision. Some people like picks that are thicker—between 1.5mm and 2mm in millimeters—while others prefer picks that are thinner—about the thickness of a guitar pick. Numerous materials are available on the market (acrylic, wood, and metal, for instance), and each of them produces a particular timbre.

Therefore, choose which type of pick best matches your playing style and the sound you want to achieve on the bass.

Seek out comfort

Find the most comfortable method to hold the pick as you learn to play bass with it (the two most typical positions are with the thumb and middle finger or with the thumb and forefinger). Additionally, you must control the force used to grip the instrument.

It is significantly different from assaulting the strings with your fingers in how you attack the strings with the pick. Therefore, finding the best approach to play with a selection involves study and experimentation.

Silent train palm

It's great that you choose your selection. What counts most is how you use this instrument, though. Combining it with the palm mute method to make grooves is a smart choice.

As a result, it is much simpler to create a dancing bass line that has your characteristic distinctive and unique tone.

Practice sweep picking

Another tip is to invoke the guitarist that exists within you. That means you should study sweep picking technique! It consists of using the pick as a broom and is made to help with guitar solos.

Study very slowly, until all the notes come out clean. You can bet that performing this technique with a pick is much simpler than with your fingers. In addition, it will give you a good boost when playing your bass.

Get involved

It's essential to develop your music skills in a group. Find friends who play bass (or other instruments) who wants to develop musical abilities, play together and try new learning paths. Playing in a group it's important to develop music perception and understand the role (and limits) of your instrument in a band.

ChordLines is a fantastic website to find chords and tabs for songs, it's an impressive free catalog to seek fantastic songs to play with your friends, and now, with your pick.

Good luck!

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