How To Use Your MXR Carbon Copy Delay

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Learning how to get great sounds out of your guitar pedals may seem intimidating, but it shouldn't.  The MXR Carbon Copy is a the perfect pedal to experiment with.

While it comes to equipment,Guest Posting most guitarists feel the simpler is the better. Because of this, most guitarists seek out easy-to-use stompboxes. Pedal manufacturers aren't stupid, which is why most pedals only have two or three knobs. Nevertheless, many guitarists find that three knobs are still too many. The only real way to get past these worries is to spend some time learning what the controls on your guitar pedal do. Let's jump right in and use the MXR Carbon Copy as an example of how to tweak those knobs on your guitar pedals.

Insert The Carbon Copy Into Your Signal Chain.

The ordinary signal chain would begin with the guitar plugging into the Carbon Copy. Next, the Carbon Copy plugs into your guitar amp.

You'll want to think about whether to put the Carbon Copy ahead of or after your other stompboxes. Like most guitarists, I always put my delay pedals at the end of my chain, preceded by compressors and distortion.

Understanding What Each Control Does.


The Delay knob allows you to modify the amount of delay time from 20ms (fully counter-clockwise) to 600ms (fully clockwise).

The Regen knob allows you to set the total of delay repeats from one (fully counter-clockwise) to infinite (fully clockwise). The Delay and Regen knobs work together, changing one effects the other.

The Mix knob allows you to change the portion of delayed, or "wet", signal from fully dry (fully counter-clockwise) to uniform amounts of wet and dry (fully clockwise).

The Modulation button allows you to impart a certain amount of modulation to the delay signal. Modulation is an effect that varies the pitch of a signal by a tiny, regularly occurring amount, making a warbling effect.

Inside the Carbon Copy, there are two internal trim pots that allow you to vary the width and rate controls of the modulation effect.

Effect On/Off Switch:
Like most guitar stompboxes, the Carbon Copy has a foot-switch that toggles it on and off.

Some Suggestions:

Begin with the Delay and Mix knobs set entirely clockwise and the Regen knob set fully counter-clockwise. Turn the pedal on by stepping on the footswitch. A blue LED lights when the effect is engaged. Now all you need to do is dial in your desired sound by adjusting the three knobs in relation to each other.

Don't worry, all you need to do to get some terrific sounds is turn a knob or two. Don't ever be afraid of "happy accidents".

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