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Watch Weeds season 7 episode 12 ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’ to see how this will impact the show and the lives of Denny and Emma.

If you carefully watch and observe the show Weeds,Guest Posting it has the knack to come up with amazing episode titles. In season 7, it has come up with interesting titles like ‘Fingers Only Meat Banquet’ and the upcoming episode 12, titled ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’, will also add to that list. Sheer display of great writing talent is what the show is about. The show revolves around the life of Nancy who enters into weed trading to raise her family. The protagonists of the show are not heroes, but villains with moral sense. Watch Weeds season 7 full episodes as Nancy, after having spent three years behind the bars, is now allowed to live in a halfway house, which is monitored by the authorities. She is struggling and wants to meet her family desperately.Before talking about the upcoming installment, let’s go back in time and see what happened in the previous installment. In ‘Une Mère Que J'aimerais Baiser’, Andy was taken to the Hamptons by Doug and Tillerman to arrange for some new clients for Vehement. Nancy insisted that she will go with them, too, in order to sell her share of drugs and make money. Very cleverly, she claimed that MILF is an expensive and exclusive drug, and she was able to sell it at a very high price to New Yorkers. Soon Doug and Tillerman realized that Clive has already ripped off people in a party and there is no scope of selling their stuff. But Nancy didn’t back out and still tried to sell her stuff. Silas became extremely unhappy and decided to leave Nancy’s employment. Catch Weeds season 7 episode 12 online post its telecast to know the repercussions of the tiff between Silas and Nancy. Silas was offered a task by Emma, but he didn’t accept it. Meanwhile, in a raid on Pouncy House, Denny and Emma were arrested by the police. Watch Weeds season 7 episode 12 ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’ to see how this will impact the show and the lives of Denny and Emma. Later in the show, Shane reveals to Silas that it was Nancy who was behind Emma’s arrest.In Weeds, Silas and Nancy belong to the same family, but behave like arch rivals; this came into picture in season 7 only when Nancy came out of the prison. Will episode 12 serve as the stage where Silas will emerge as an entrepreneur? In the last installment, after discovering that Nancy was behind Emma’s arrest, Silas decided to start his own mob.Weeds season 7 episode 12 will showcase the Nancy-Silas fight over the business (drug) and Doug will be seen trying hard to get rid of a SEC agent, as he is involved in a hedge fund scam.

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