Men’s Grooming Guide for the Perfect Valentine’s Date

Feb 24


Marvin Paul

Marvin Paul

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A brief article explaining men's grooming techniques for the perfect Valentine's Date


Are you planning for an exciting date for Valentine's Day? Perhaps,Men’s Grooming Guide for the Perfect Valentine’s Date Articles after several long weeks of chatting, you are finally thinking of proposing your girl in IRL!


In every scenario, it is most likely that its appearance is a priority. You don't need a stubborn spot or bad hair to disappoint your loved ones. Fortunately, you can overcome every blemish in advance that has the possibility of hitting your confidence.


Here, we have listed some proactive steps you can take to make sure that, at least in regards to personal hygiene, you are always at your best.


Freshen Your Breath


According to a report, 86% of people said that bad breath on dates is one of the biggest turn-offs for them. While 58% of women stated that they might end a relationship if halitosis is a constant problem for them. This probably justifies why most men, with bad breath, feel less confident on their date. Well, it is also an integral part of men’s grooming!


The primary cause of bad breath is not cleaning the teeth properly, especially between them. So, all you have to do is swiftly sniff a piece of dental floss before stepping out of your house.


Be Fastidious About Facial Hair


Our way of thinking towards beards has immensely changed over the past few years. This is probably because of their growing popularity. While women have revealed that they find bearded men to be more attractive, many of them are still concerned about their itchiness and cleanliness.


So, to make sure that no beard related fears come between you and your date, just make sure to practice a simple basic beard hygiene schedule. To start with, keep your bread clean by washing it with a face wash or shampoo. – just don’t overdo it.


To add a tint of extra freshness on your valentine’s day, and ensure your facial fuzz is well conditioned and soft, make sure to apply some fragranced beard oil. The best time to do this is just after your shower. This is the time when your pores are open. But since they are available in pocket size, take them with you on your date and re-apply just before your girl arrives. 


Have Soft Lips For The Big Day


Well, did you know that your lips lack oil-producing sebaceous glands? This implies that they can get dehydrated and chapped easily.


To keep your lips looking approachable and soft, lightly slough off the dry skin with the help of a toothbrush. You can also use a mixture of olive oil and salt while doing so. For a better feel, once you are done with the process, apply a good and hydrating lip balm.


Not only will the balm keep your chapped smackers soft and supple, but it will also make them look plump and hydrated as possible. Wondering why it is important? According to a report, men, as well as women, find plump, voluptuous lips more attractive.


Time To Get Off The Shine of Your Skin


Since the skin of men can be up to twice as oily as women's, there is always the possibility that you have a less than ideal shiny patch on your face. In addition, the stress of date can also trigger oil production, as well as nervously touching your face with your fingers.


One of the most effective ways to deal with oil-slick skin is by applying a toner. Or else, simply get a cotton pad and sweep across your T-zone, which is the forehead, nose along with the chin. These are the parts where the skin tends to be oiliest. 


Cover Up


A spot is probably the one thing that can knock any man’s confidence within a few seconds. And nothing can be worse if one shows up its ugly head on Valentine’s day! That demands some emergency measures.


This is when you need a concealer to cover up your flaws. Make sure to go slow as most men make a common mistake of applying it too much. This makes it patchy of the face.


The ideal way to use it is by cleaning the skin thoroughly. Then apply a small amount of the product and blend it in with your middle finger. 


The conclusion -


Valentine’s Day is definitely that one day in the year when you really need to step up your men’s grooming game. Show your love to that special someone and make them realize that you have put an elegant effort for her!



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