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Listening to music has evolved over the last quarter of a century. Remember the time when you used to move around with a tape recorder or a CD player with a large stack of tapes or CDs? 

 Gone are those days and listening to music has been made much easier with the help of MP3 players. They are the must-have items of the moment and have made a revolution in the way we listen to music

The best thing about them is that they are portable and handy. They can be carried at all places and music can be listened to on the streets,Guest Posting airports, parks, shopping malls etc. They come in different brands, all of them being small, lightweight and have excellent memory to store and carry a collection of music according to ones taste. Personalized music lists can be created by downloading songs from the internet. Individual songs are compressed so that they don’t use too much memory.

There are a wide variety of MP3 players to choose from:

Flash-memory player

The flash memory player is the smallest and lightest MP3 player available. It has less memory and usually stores fewer songs, and is best for laid back music fans who want to keep a small music collection. However, it does have longer battery life which allows one to listen to music for longer durations of time without needing to charge the MP3 player. It is long-lasting and can tolerate general wear and tear well.

Hard drive player

Hard drive player is usually big and heavy as compared to the flash memory player. It has more storage capacity and is ideal for those who want to keep their entire music collection with them. Because of its size, hard drive players often have more in-built features and a larger screen, but they usually consume more power. A fully charged battery usually lasts from 8 to 20 hours. These batteries are rechargeable, however the downside is that you cannot replace the batteries yourself, so eventually you will have to buy a new model once the battery stops working. Due to their size, they are not ideal for individuals who listen to music while running or exercising.

Micro hard-drive based MP3 player

Apple IPod Mini is a micro hard-drive based MP3 player, which has a small hard drive and storage capacity. It can save files up to 6GB memory. Such players consist of rechargeable batteries, which cannot be replaced. They are most popular as they are lightweight and small sized.

MP3 CD player

These players are the least expensive of all types of MP3 players. They look just like portable CD players; however they are large and music can skip if jostled. They can play standard CDs as well.

The future of MP3 players looks promising. Newer features continue to be added in latest models and newer devices are smaller, lighter but with more memory.

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