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People want a Per Bristow review because his singing program is popular. I discuss his background and singing teaching methods.

In this Per Bristow review,Guest Posting I talk a little about his approach to singing and getting better. There are a few things to note about his approach which is a little different than many other singing coaches. First, he has a background that is in all kinds of entertainment. This can be beneficial because he also teaches singers how to have stage presence in addition to improving their voices. Singing Experience When you read a Per Bristow review, you will most likely see he has worked in Hollywood on various films and trained many singers in the entertainment industry even if it's for a short time to get them ready for a film. How to Get Better as a Singer I said I'd discuss his singing techniques in this Per Bristow review. The first thing you need to know is that Per Bristow doesn't believe in being an overly technical singer or developing amazing ear skills. He teaches those things are actually a natural byproduct of singing with freedom and less fear. So he kind of reverses the training direction compared to some other teachers who might have you practicing a bunch of scales and listen to notes over and over being played on the keyboard and singing those notes in perfect key. Psychology is a huge component to Per Bristow's teaching methods in addition to more muscle elasticity especially in the throat. Once you learn some simple mental aligning techniques, you can sing without regard to being perfectly in key, which opens you up as a singer. This helps you find your own natural voice without having to emulate others and it also, ironically, gets you more in key naturally. He demonstrates in singing that if you're looking over your shoulder to hear if you're perfectly in key, you start closing up and become hesitant, which drastically reduces your vocal capacity. The confidence building techniques he uses in his singing course affect other areas of one's life. I hope you enjoyed this Per Bristow review.

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