Astrology Benefits of Bath Soap

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This article is showing the connection between our bath soap and our body. Yes! you are hearing it the first time and feel like crazy but it's true. How will our bath soap change our fortune as per Vedic astrology? Vedic astrology is a branch of science and by our deep research on our daily usable things like our bath soap, our toothpaste and our Dining table all of these are playing important role to make up and down in our life. Check out how?


It is said that everything you find in your life is because of your fortune. But it is not necessary that if anything which goes away from you is also due to destiny. Yes,Astrology Benefits of Bath Soap Articles the obstacles in your life, the fading away of happiness. May all be due to the silly mistakes that you are unaware of? It may be that you are doing something unconsciously that you should not do. Let us now tell you some of such things related to the soap which is found in almost every bathroom and which can affect your life in many ways.

You would be surprised to know that the soap you use is directly connected to our fortune. According to astrologers, it is very important to take care of some things in order to use soap. But in the wake of this bustling life and due to its arbitrariness, we do not give any attention to this. Actually, different Yog is created in the fate of everyone, in which some misuse of things can offset the auspicious Grah in your zodiac sign. Let's know some of the points that soap is connected to.

First of all, using soap keep in mind that in the horoscope of those people, whose condition of the Surya is poor and the failure of the work is constant. Such people must use honey and sandalwood soap.

If you are healthy then think of peace and hygiene in your mind too. Bathing is very important, but taking a bath with soap every day, it is absolutely wrong. In fact, it has been said in the scriptures that on the day of Lord Vishnu i.e., do not use soap, surf anymore on Thursday. If you do this then you will have an inauspicious look of the master planet.

Some people have a special effect on life due to the position of Mars. In the life of that man, only unsuccessful is there, which makes him a bitter and angry person. To avoid this, you should use Ayurvedic soap made with rose, sandalwood, honey, juice, turmeric. Sandalwood has a special contribution to the process of bathing to get the auspicious effect of Mars.

As well as in the bathing process, according to the ancestors, the cow urine is also found in bathwater along with soap. Only two drops of cow urine will start to work auspicious in your life.

At the time of marriage, when the body is on turmeric, do not use soap during that time, if you use soap in it then you can have a bad effect on your marital life, so keep in mind that till soap turmeric is soap Do not apply to the body at all.

On some amounts, there are auspicious effects of the planets and some things have to be sacrificed in order to please some planets, therefore, according to the famous astrologers, use the things in the routine.

It has been said in the scriptures that it is important to take care of mental hygiene as well as physical cleanliness, so soap in life has a special significance. This is the reason that the use of soap on the planet, total, prestige and scriptures have been linked to fate.

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