Pop Violin Lessons for Beginners

Jan 27


Jazz Tan

Jazz Tan

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Find out what you should know when taking pop violin lessons for beginners.


Everyone likes violins,Pop Violin Lessons for Beginners Articles and it is often an instrument of choice for many beginners. Beautiful and melodious, the violin is great fun to play and is adaptable to different genres of music. It can be tough for beginners but it is well worth the rewards. For new violin learners, there are many sources. Let’s see what you need to consider first when starting violin lessons. www.singaporeviolinlessons.com is a great resource for violin related questions.

The violin, obviously!

A no brainer, but that still doesn’t elaborate on the details. The violin could be purchased or rented, depending on your requirements and finances. If you choose to buy, choose one of a good brand that will last you for a long time. Make sure that the violin is the correct size for you so that you are comfortable when playing.

Violin bow

The violin bow is an essential part of the violin. It is made of wood or fiberglass. The latter is especially used in beginner violins and is easier to maintain as it doesn’t warp. The bow is what needs to be mastered for you to be able to play the violin well and make those lovely tunes.


The rosin is applied to the hair on the bow and it helps the bow to grip the string properly so you can play the violin as it should be played. It comes in the form of a small pink cake, and is an essential component for violinists.

Sheet music

Sheet music is generally provided by your teacher depending on the music you are learning or practicing during the year. Ask your teacher in advance about what kind of music sheets would be required for learning.

Music books

These are essential for a beginner. Start with beginner’s books which progressively take you through every step of learning how to read notes, how to get a good posture, how to start playing simple chords and notes, and then gradually develops into full-fledged lessons on entire songs and tunes.

Shoulder rest

This is not absolutely essential as far as learning how to play the violin is concerned. But a shoulder rest helps in developing a good posture, preventing muscle pains and in general make it more comfortable for you to play the instrument. You have to experiment a little to find the perfect shoulder rest for you, but it is well worth the trouble.


A violin case is essential for keeping your instrument safe from moisture and the elements. A nice violin case would include pouches for the other things you need to carry. There are also more expensive versions with a humidifier and hygrometer.


Tuners are really important for any violin player and help to keep your violin in shape. The violin and indeed, any musical instrument, tend to go out of tune, so they have to be tuned at regular intervals. With a tuner, you can ensure that your violin strings are tuned to the right note, enabling you to play better.

Practice log

For a beginner, a practice log is of immense value because it can help you keep track of your progress. You can mark down how long you practiced and what you practiced, so you have a written record of exactly how far you have progressed in a given frame of time.

Playing the pop violin can be great fun, and slightly expensive. But this is a one-time investment and will last you for a long time. For more information on violin lessons for beginners, you can check out: http://singaporeviolinlessons.com/blog/violin-lessons-for-beginners/.