Satellite TV Packages: Get the Best for Less

May 15


Brian Stevens

Brian Stevens

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Discover the vast array of channels and packages available on satellite TV. This article provides an in-depth look at the offerings from DISH Network and DIRECTV, helping you choose the best package for your needs.

Overview of Satellite TV Packages

Satellite TV offers a plethora of channels and services,Satellite TV Packages: Get the Best for Less Articles with DISH Network and DIRECTV leading the market. Between these two providers, you can access over 256 channels, including local programming, pay-per-view movies, sports events, and commercial-free music channels.

DISH Network Satellite TV Packages

DISH Network provides a variety of packages to cater to different viewing preferences:

  • America's Top 60: Includes 60 channels, featuring local programming.
  • America's Top 120: Offers 120 channels, including local channels and 32 Sirius satellite radio channels.
  • America's Top 180: Provides 180 channels, including local channels and 50 Sirius satellite radio channels.
  • America's "Everything" Pak: Boasts 230 channels, including local channels, 50 Sirius satellite radio channels, premium movie channels (Showtime, Starz!, HBO, Cinemax), and DISH Network HDTV programming.

DISH Network Movie Channel Packages

DISH Network offers a variety of movie channel packages:

  • Showtime: 10 channels
  • Starz: 8 channels
  • HBO: 8 channels
  • Cinemax: 5 channels
  • Combination Packages: Showtime Unlimited/Starz Super Pak, HBO The Works/MultiMAX from Cinemax, HBO The Works/Showtime Unlimited, HBO The Works/Starz Super Pak

DISH Network Sports Packages

For sports enthusiasts, DISH Network provides:

  • Multi-Regional Sport
  • The Outdoor Channel
  • MLB Extra Innings
  • ESPN College Grand Slam
  • NBA League Pass
  • ESPN Full Court
  • ESPN Game Plan
  • NHL Center Ice
  • MLS Direct Kick
  • English Premier League

DISH Network International Programming Packages

DISH Network caters to diverse audiences with international programming packages:

  • Dish Latino: Dish Latino, Dish Latino Dos, Dish Latino Max
  • Other Languages: Chinese Great Wall Package, African, Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Tagalog, and Urdu

DISH Network Adult Channels

DISH Network also offers adult channels, all of which include parental locks:

  • Eclip
  • The Erotic Network
  • Extasy
  • Hot Zone
  • Playboy

DIRECTV Satellite TV Packages

DIRECTV offers several comprehensive packages:

  • Total Choice: 135 channels, including local channels and 50 XM radio channels.
  • Total Choice Plus: 155 channels, including local channels and 67 XM radio channels.
  • Total Choice Premier: 215 channels, including local channels and 67 XM radio channels.

DIRECTV Premium Services Packages

DIRECTV's premium services include:

  • HBO: 7 channels, including HBO HD
  • STARZ: 4 STARZ channels, 2 Encore channels, and 6 EncoreSM Theme channels
  • Showtime Unlimited: 5 Showtime channels, 2 channels of The Movie Channel, 1 FLIX channel, and 1 Sundance channel
  • Cinemax: 3 channels
  • Sports Pack: Over 25 specialty and regional sports networks, including, Fox Sports World, and The Golf Channel

DIRECTV Sports Subscriptions

DIRECTV offers extensive sports subscriptions:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • NBA League Pass
  • ESPN Game Plan
  • MLB Extra Innings
  • NHL Center Ice
  • ESPN Full Court
  • MLS Direct Kick
  • Barclays English Premier League
  • Mega March Madness
  • Cricket Ticket

Additional Programming Packages

DIRECTV also provides additional programming options:

  • HD Package: ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet, HDNet Movies, and Universal HD
  • Pay-Per-View: Various options
  • Adult Programming: Available with parental controls

International Program Packages

DIRECTV offers international programming packages:

  • Para Todos
  • Phoenix TV
  • Jade World
  • Filipino
  • South Asian
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian


Both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer a wide range of packages to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you're a movie buff, sports enthusiast, or looking for international programming, there's a package for you. For more information on current programming and subscription fees, visit the official websites of DISH Network and DIRECTV.

Interesting Stats

  • As of 2023, DISH Network has approximately 8.42 million subscribers, while DIRECTV has around 13.5 million subscribers (source).
  • The average American household receives 189 TV channels but only regularly watches 17 of them (source).

For more detailed information and the latest offers, visit the official websites of DISH Network and DIRECTV.