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Leveling in the World of Warcraft is a blast, unless you've done it too many times. There is help. Grab a leveling guide and remove the pain.

Whacking your head into a wall is a painful experience. Some people who have played the World of Warcraft for a long time feel the same about leveling: the pain,Guest Posting agony, and suffering of doing the same old thing yet again.

Say what? Ok, to be fair, the first time, or even the first few times, leveling characters in WoW is a kick. Many of the quests are clever, fun, interesting, and have a good story behind them. Of course, some are little more than an excuse to kill off a bunch of Raptors, but others have a lot more detail, story, and humor.

Still, like any story told more than once, if you've done the quests several times they get old. If you've leveled many characters they might be really old. Trying different races doesn't help, since they all do the same quests once they get into their teens. If you've leveled many characters you might even find it ... painful. Doing it yet again becomes somewhat unattractive.

People do the leveling grind anyway because the end game content is so good and because their friends are already there and/or they want to try another character at that level. .

Playing different classes helps to alleviate the tedium, since the strategies and abilities are different, but still, it's all been seen before. PvP might help here. Twink out your character a bit and run around ganking other players. PvP adds a level of interest to the game, especially when the players that you've been ganking get some pals and look for revenge. But PvP doesn't help you level.

In the interests of avoiding further pain, agony, and suffering, here are the four best ways to get leveled fast:

1) Buy a level 70 character off This character has the levels and probably has the gear and might even have some cash (gold.) Take some time to learn to play and develop your skills. Of course, the one downside here is that Blizzard will ban you if they catch you, since this is against their Terms of Service.

Buy the services of a power leveling company. Pay some cash, they level the character for you. Come back in a couple of weeks and you have a brand spanking new 70. What could be better? Blizzard specifically bans character buying and power leveling in its Terms of Service and they are within their rights to ban your account of the catch you violating their ToS. But what's several hundred dollars down the drain?

3) Instance grinding - Find some high level character who is willing to take you through the many instances in the game. He will clean out the dungeon (kill everything) for you while you get the experience and the choice loot dropped by the bosses. Quite legal, quite boring, and you'll have to work on your skills when done, but it's fast.

Treat yourself to an early birthday present and get a WoW leveling guide. These guides provide you with a step by step path, already done by experts, that will take you from level 1 to 70 as quickly as possible. All of the "what to do and where to go" info has been provided ahead of time. All you have to do is follow the path provided and you'll level up faster than you ever have before.

Then once you have good WoW leveling guide in your hot little hands, try this: If you can find a willing, or unwilling, friend get her to open a new account. As of this writing Blizzard is offering a promotion where if you invite a friend then you and your friend will get triple experience for monsters slain and quests performed!

Team up with your friend. Duos level faster than singles anyway, due to less downtime and faster slaying, now add triple experience to that and you'll see the levels fly by faster than ever before.

There are some conditions, so read the Blizzard FAQ page, but if you have a willing friend this is a killer way to go. Some people with enough computing power to run two simultaneous WoW games will get a second account, with the friend bonus, and play both on the same machine.

Now, no leveling guide, for WoW or any other game, will be a magic pill that will poof you right to 70. It won't get you leveled to 70 in mere hours of in-game time, since you still have to deal with all those monsters. It will, however, show you a well thought out, fast and efficient path that will get you leveled in as little time as possible. Even if your game time is limited to a few hours per week.

Assuming that you're still bored, or in agony at the thought of more leveling, one thing that will help is to play energizing music in the background (no suggestions here since my tastes are likely way different from yours.) This will help keep you awake and motivated.

Some people who are skilled at multi-tasking have even been known to watch movies or read books while leveling! Sometimes however they also find themselves parked in a cliff face, due to having dozed off or the book/movie being really good.

The bottom line is this - save your sanity and invest in a World of Warcraft leveling guide. Not only will you keep from losing your mind, you'll save many hours, even days, on the leveling grind. And isn't your sanity worth it?

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