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Admittedly, strip clubs are a little taboo. Unfortunately, this reputation is based on a few rotten apples that fit the perception of a seedy nightclub with sub-par entertainment. Luckily, there are a few top-tier strip clubs that are clean, sophisticated and entertaining

A strip club needs only a few basic things to be considered a strip club; a properly zoned building,Guest Posting and dancers. However, there is a small population of clubs that have chosen to take the strip club experience a little further to provide an establishment where the more sophisticated clientele can feel comfortable. These gentlemen's clubs have taken the business of adult entertainment to a higher level. Besides providing an atmosphere that is cleaner and more inviting, gentlemen's clubs take extra care in the other aspects of operating their strip club. For instance, a gentlemen's club will have stricter hiring standards and therefore will have more beautiful, friendlier, and classy entertainers with various ethnic backgrounds. In fact, some clubs will employ high-profile entertainment such as actresses, or well-known dancers from other clubs. Overall, the best gentlemen's clubs will respect the diversity of their clientele, and have entertainment that reflects this. Likewise, a respectable club will have a wide selection of liquors, whereas some clubs do not offer any alcoholic selections at all. While this may not be important to many customers, those that do enjoy a drink during their visit will appreciate the fact that they are not limited in their drink selections.

Many customers who patronize strip clubs might only do so on a special occasion such as a birthday or bachelor's party. Therefore, it might be very important that the experience is enjoyable and not typical of the average strip club experience. Fortunately, gentlemen's clubs tend to be more aware of these situations, and are prepared to host a private party for these special occasions with VIP rooms and multiple stages. Believe it or not, a gentlemen's club is very customer-service oriented, and will be able to provide top-notch services that include more than just having enough entertainment for a large party. On the other hand, many strip clubs are only equipped with one stage and no private rooms to host a party. These clubs will make an attempt to keep their customers happy, but they simply do not have the resources to provide the kind of service that will be available at a gentlemen's club.

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