Tangled fate of two artists—Van Gogh and Gauguin

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Who has the greatest influence on Van Gogh's life? If a man is listed, that must be Gauguin. For Van Gogh, Gauguin's existence is almost as "God" and will generally decide the life of Van Gogh.

Who has the greatest influence on Van Gogh's life? If a man is listed,Guest Posting that must be Gauguin. For Van Gogh, Gauguin's existence is almost as "God" and will generally decide the life of Van Gogh.


One day in the fall of 1886, during Van Gogh’s stay in Paris, he met Gauguin. At that time Van Gogh had just met Toulouse Lautrec, Boehner, Sinek and other people. Among them, Gauguin with a strong personality and leadership quality soon attracted the attention of Van Gogh. With the increase of their communications, Van Gogh gradually adopted impressionist painting style. So his paintings began to show the unprecedented bright colors.


It was about two years since Van Gogh came to Paris. At the end of that winter, Van Gogh went to Provence alone according to Toulouse Lautrec’s advice. At that time, Van Gogh was yearning for free and confident Gauguin in high and vigorous spirits. And his desire to live with Gauguin gradually became stronger and stronger. Van Gogh was 35 years old, and Gauguin was forty years old.


Van Gogh's feeling for Gauguin was a kind of reverence and awe for the senior, jealousy for the great artist as well as the love and restlessness for friends. When Gauguin decided to go to the southern studio, Van Gogh was very excited and jubilant. His long suffering loneliness was finally relieved, because with the companion with Gauguin, there was no need to ask for others to direct the future.


The month ready for Gauguin was the happiest moment of Van Gogh in a sense. In fact, in such a short time, Van Gogh left lots of masterpieces, such as Sunflower, Starry Night, Night Cafe, Van Gogh's Bedroom, etc.


In October 1888, in the first few weeks of Gauguin’s visit to Al, they had a harmonious and beautiful life. Talking with Gauguin as the guider, Van Gogh just followed him.


Van Gogh's belief could not be distorted, which was part of his personality. It was also responsible for his friends’ misunderstanding for him. Perhaps his attitude for Gauguin was sufficient to see his admiration for Gauguin.


Although two people lived together, their personality was quite different. For Van Gogh who was only painting the scenery in front of him, Gauguin’s imagination was unusual. In addition, Van Gogh was disorganized in the use of painting methods and fund raising and was accused by the neurotic and serious Gauguin for many times. But the most suffering was that Van Gogh was eager to get Gauguin’s emotional love; but Gauguin hated being restricted and did not respond his request. By December, Van Gogh realized Gauguin wanted to leave here. For Van Gogh, losing Gauguin meant loss of life. He could not extricate himself with a heavy heart.


Then, in December 23, 1888, Van Gogh held a sharp razor and suddenly caught up with Gauguin who was walking along the street. Gauguin surprisingly stared at him with lightning and serious eyes. Van Gogh had no further action and then lowered his head to move away.


The very next day, he returned home to find Van Gogh covered with blood wrapped in a quilt. Van Gogh had his ears cut off, and then gave them to his most intimate prostitutes. He huddled in the house and become unconscious. Gauguin said, “Please tell him, I go back to Paris.” Then, Gaugin took the early bus and left. After the incident of cutting off ears, their common life completely ended.


Later, Van Gogh suffered from periodic mental disease and led a miserable life lasting from his suicide. The direct reason for Van Gogh’s putting the trigger was his tragic ending with Gauguin. Much of Van Gogh's artistic achievements were derived from his strong pursuit for love. However, even if with Gauguin, his desire could not be satisfied. Maybe only God can meet his demands. 

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