The best ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions that aren’t boring

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Never Have I Ever questions are not made equal, so we’ve curated a list of crackers to keep the party entertainment at a 10.


Every true epicurean high-schooler (or older!) knows that the real way to squeeze juicy secrets out of someone is through games. Perhaps the most famous spill-the-beans game of all,Guest Posting Never Have I Ever, is simple and, quite frankly, the perfect choice.

Yet still, the drinking game’s success all depends on the quality of questions asked. It’s the art of the fine line. A question not too boring but also not so outrageous that no one will respond. We’re here to help. These are some of the best Never Have I Ever questions to keep the drinks pouring and the secrets flowing.


Gotten a tattoo

Ghosted someone

Seen a ghost

Become a vegan or started a fad diet, only to give up a few days later


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