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In just over a year, Clocked has grown from a new channel into a significant traffic source for Happy Media.


In just over a year,Guest Posting Clocked has grown from a new channel into a significant traffic source for Happy Media.

In March 2020 Happy Media launched Clocked, an official gaming channel to compliment the network's existing pro audio, news, music, and pop culture output. If You Build It has remained a partner of Clocked from a branding and digital strategy capacity, and is pleased to report today on the channel's ongoing success.

From a practical zero starting point, Clocked has grown to represent 30-40% of Happy Media's monthly traffic.

Backed up by an existing knowledge of the gaming industry, an eye for the best gaming news, and a strong history in digital strategy, Clocked has managed to grow into one of Australia's larger gaming publishers.

A knowledge of gaming technology, often backed up by Happy Media's tech writers from Enmore Audio, have also been a large factor in Clocked's success. Lists such as the best PC controller/best controller for PC, the best webcam for streamingfree vr games, and gaming headset are among the channels newer successful search terms.

Additionally, Clocked have established themselves as an information source for upcoming (or rumoured to be upcoming) games such as Fable 4, Gran Turismo 7, Bloodborne 2, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War 5, and many others.

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