The End Telugu Movie Review and Rating

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Release date : Dec 05,Guest Posting 2014
Author Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Rahul Sankrityan
Producer : Koteswara Rao
Music Director : Hari and Vamsi
Starring : Yuva Chandraa, Gazal Somaiah, Sudhir Reddy, Pavani

Story: -

Rajeev Mathews (Sudhir Reddy) is a happily married software engineer who lives with his wife Priya (Pavani Reddy) in a large farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad. One day his best friend Gautam visited him in the United States, and the two of them spend quality time together. This is also the time when Gautam woos Priya's friend Rekha (Gazal Somaiah) and takes him on vacation in Goa.When Gautam cost Goa, Rajeev gets hospitalized. A curious Gautam wonders with Rajeev as to what happened to him suddenly. Rajeev reveals a shocking truth that his wife Priya was possessed by evil spirits. The two friends rush to the farm house to check Priya. They try to face him, but Priya gets pretty aggressive. During this, Rajeev Priya accidentally kills. Rest of the story is how the two friends out of this delicate situation and manage to hide the murder.

Plus Points: -

major plus point of the film is the interesting story line. The way the script was woven around the limited character is pretty good. Sudheer Reddy walks away with the cake, and gives a memorable performance. He showed great emotion in her role as a frustrated husband and has a long way to go in Tollywood.Yuvaa Chandraa also gives a decent performance and surprises you in the end. The production values are clean, and to show the film in a good light. The first half of the film is well put together, and the eccentric climax is accumulated tension.

Minus Points: -

The first and main point of the film negative is that it is far too long. The whole film is over two hours, which is too long for a thriller. After the establishment of the first half very aggressively, director goes a bit temperamental and drives the film. He built scene after scene and only adds to the runtime. Some logical errors are also missing in the film. The film unnecessary twists and turns are also a bit confusing. Adding songs to reduce the fun factor and SideTrack intrigue.

Technical aspects:-

the camera work in the film is quite good and keeps the tempo throughout the film. Dialogues are good enough and suitable plot. screenplay is good but could have been better in the second half. Director Rahul impressed with his first film. The way he handled the script and brought out a captivating story is impressive. Installation is below par and at least 15 minutes of the film could have easily cut.


Overall, the end is a film that could have been quite exciting. But an exaggerated story, and time excessive implementation makes this film just an average case. If you have an eye for thrillers and love movies with a twist, you can surely give this film a shot.

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