Top Latest Bridal Makeup Trends For the Indian Wedding 2022

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she better ‘look the part’. This is the reason, bridal makeup has emerged to be an industry in itself. And why not? After all, it is in the hands of the professional makeup artists that the bride places all her trust so that she looks like a dream on her D-Day. 

 Makeup,Guest Posting the Bride, or the Bridal makeup is the major highlight of any wedding. In fact, the bridal entrance makes an impact like no other and has more often than once moved people to tears. Likewise, the Indian bride is depicted to be the ‘goddess of the day’ and tends to command all eyes on herself. 

Let us take a look at the Top Latest Bridal Makeup Trends For the Indian Wedding 2022: 

The bold lip trend

This one never goes out of fashion. The Bold lip has been an Indian wedding staple since time immortal. The look comprises of making your lip the main focus of your entire makeup. 

So, while the rest of your features will be ‘made-up’, it will be your lipstick that should be the show-stopper. To get this look you will need to: 


  • Smokey eyes and basic liner work wonders when combined with the bold lip
  • Make sure to keep your base clean and clear, with a nice dewy foundation
  • Go easy on the blush with this one
  • The highlighter needs to be used in the right spots
  • Now, pick a shade of your choice: Maroon, Burgundy, Vermilion Red, Chilli Red, or Cherry Red
  • Use concealer on your lips and also outline the same with mild highlighter
  • Fill in the lips with the liquid lipstick of the selected shade
  • Apply the cream formula on top of this layer
  • Now, line your lips with the same shade of red 
  • And Pout away to glory!

 Go Nude

This one is the current favorite for the millennial bride who loves the minimum look for her big day. She is confidant, suave and is obsessed with the ‘Nude-palatte’. The best part is that many Indian brides are also opting for the Nude-wedding day makeup look. 

The Nude-look is a great idea if you wish to enhance your bridal outfit, your hairdo or even your jewelry. To get the look you need to:


  • Start with the fresh, foundation base
  • Be generous when you spray the highlighter dust and contoure accordingly 
  • Statement smokey eye make and bigh lashes is great with the nude look
  • Once again select you nudes: Salmon, Pastel Pink, Peach, Rose Pink or dusty Rose. 
  • Start with a nice concealed lip
  • Outline the same with either a shade daker or the same shade lip-liner
  • Fill-in with the nude lip color of the selected shade.
  • Top it off with the Creamy formula of the same shade.

 Get On With the Glitter

The Glitter eyeshadow look is perfect for the Bride who cannot get enough of her sparkle. In fact, post Pandemic trend in makeup is all about enhanced glamor; and the Glitter has its own set of takers. 

This is all about allowing your eyes to do all the talking, even when you are downcast. For this look you need to:

  • Set the base makeup with the right foundation base and contour.
  • You can skip the Blush for this look
  • You can either go Nude or Bold with your lips on the Glitter eyemakeup
  • Start with applying the eye concealer all over your lids 
  • Select from the Glitter palette: Gold, Bronze, Rust or even Silver
  • Now select a dark shade from the normal eyeshadow palette from the selected shade group and apply on the outer corners of the eye
  • Use a shade lighter on the middle of the lids and blend well
  • Take a drop of highlighter and apply on the inner corner of the eye to giveit the spark
  • Npw apply your favorite Glitter eyeshadow over the lids, while concentrating on the mid-region. Repeat and do not rub.
  • Complete the look with the eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes. 

 Color the Line 

Among the latest Bridal make up looks for 2022, is the colored eyeliner trend. This is for the quirky and the adventurous bride who loves to experiment with her makeup. The main idea of this look is to use an eyeliner color other than the regular black. 

It makes for a memorable D-day look for the trendy bride who ensures she is remembered for her statement makeup. For this look you will need to:


  • Go regular with your base makeup and contour
  • This look compliments a bold, full lip as well. 
  • It is essential to color coordinate your eyeliner color with your lipcolor so that they fall into the same palette. 
  • Select your eyeliner color: Blue, Pink, Green or even a bright Yellow looks great.
  • Complete your eyemakeup the regular way
  • Go easy when you apply the blush on your cheeks
  • Finally, apply the selected eyeliner color you have selected, and add ‘pop’ to the evening. 

 The Crystal Play

Crystals are making a huge impact on the top latest bridal makeup trends for Indian wedding 2022. The best part is that, the crystals are not new for the Indian culture and have been used as a part of the makeup in the previous decades. 

Well, the Crystals are back, and have become a major makeup inspiration.  Use these stick-on types for your D-day to make for a ‘stand-out’ bride. For this look you will have to: 

  • Apply the regular bridal make up as discussed with you MUA.
  • Now, get hold of your favorite crystals. These could be in various shapes: tear drop, circular, or patterned
  • Arrange the crystals along the archs of your brows to add to your expression.
  • You could also get hold of tiny crystals and use them to ‘line’ your eyes. This looks cool and out-of-this world, yet traditional in many senses. 



So, there you have it ladies. All you need to know about the latest in the Bridal makeup trends that are making headlines. Get hold of your MUA and discuss in details about this trend in order to be a ‘memorable bride’. 

It is not such a bad idea to take a bridalmakeup trial, as it will offer you a clear idea of your final appearance. Also, remember to dab-on water proof mascara, instead of the regular one, since the wedding can get emotional at times. Now, you do not want to ruin your makeup application after all those efforts do you? 

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