What to Wear to Strip Clubs

Nov 2


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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Many men and women wonder what they should wear to strip clubs. Here are some ideas of what you can wear to these great night-owl institutions.

Both men and women who frequent strip clubs often aren't sure what they should wear. There are different answers for guys and gals,What to Wear to Strip Clubs Articles depending on what the occasion is and what impression they want to make. In the end, most people won't really care what the customers are wearing because all he eyes will be on the stage watching the naked dancers. Here are some ideas:

- Who want to make a good impression on the dancers: Men should dress classily and look their best so they'll feel good about themselves. Let's face it; the dancers don't really care what you're wearing. They're strutting their stuff for the money. To make a favorable impression, wear pockets stuffed full of five dollar bills.

- Who want to look good in front of their buddies: Most men don't care what their buddies are wearing. Who do you think they'll be staring at? To fit in with peers, however, t-shirts with catchy slogans such as "I already went to hell and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" are always popular.

- To make lap dancers comfortable: Don't wear sharp belt buckles, sweat pants without underwear or stiff jeans. Sharp and stiff objects can hurt the dancers' delicate parts and sweat pants without underwear are a bit too revealing.


- Who want to look hot: Basically, who can compete with the gyrating naked beauties up there at strip clubs? Your choice is to:

o Do the best you can and wear miniskirts, black sheer stockings, tight, cleavage baring blouses, long hair and all your makeup.

o Shrug and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Even if you wear your pajamas, most of the guys in the room will be looking elsewhere, so do whatever.

- If you're applying for a job: Wear sexy and revealing clothes so the management will see your potential.

- Undergarments count: If you're in a room full of naked beauties but must remain clothed, you might as well feel as sexy as you can. Wear your own lacy black bras and g-strings and feel as racy as they look.

- With your girlfriends: If you're hitting the clubs to see the male revue with your girlfriends, call all of them to take a survey then plan accordingly. When a bunch of women hang out together, they like to dress similarly. No one wants to thoroughly outshine their girlfriends and ticked them off at you all evening.

Special occasions:

- Halloween: Some people may go to the nightclubs on Halloween so cool costumes can run the gamut. Vamps, vixens, cats, tigers, lions, you name it and it could work. Going as a priest, priestess or firefighter can work, too.

When men and women go to strip clubs, they often wonder what to wear. The trick is to be comfortable, make the dancers comfy and not hurt their soft flesh during lap dances, not outshine one's girlfriends at bachelorette parties and just relax and have fun. The truth is, no one really cares what anyone else wears at a place where nudity is the name of the game.