Why Do Men Love Strip Clubs?

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This article answers the elusive question, "Why do men go to strip clubs?" The answers are more obvious than you'd expect. This article explains why it's normal and natural for guys to head to the strip club.

It's perfectly natural for normal,Guest Posting healthy and all-around average guys to go to strip clubs. It's not something sleazy and it has nothing to do with picking up chicks. Going to strip clubs is just a night out with the guys, and the dancing ladies are entertainment. Sometimes people wonder what kind of guys go to strip clubs, and the answer to this question is - every single kind.

Why are we so into seeing naked women dance? Of course, there are our caveman urges that modern society forces us to repress. But that's not all there is to it. Most guys who enjoy going don't get a sexual kick out of it. There are much better reasons that keep us coming back again and again.

It's All About Freedom

One of the reasons guys go is freedom. Every day, you live your 9-to-5 life and have to behave. Going to strip clubs lets you let loose and be an idiot male. It's one place you can go where society's rules don't apply. Of course, they've got their own rules - no touching, for example - but for most guys, it's enough just to see the parts of women we're usually forbidden to see.

When you go to strip clubs, you get the freedom to indulge - not only do you get to indulge in openly and unashamedly staring at women (not to mention hooting, hollering and thrusting fistfuls of dollar bills at them!), you also get to flirt, knowing that it won't lead anywhere. This is what appeals to lots of guys who are married or in serious relationships. At a regular bar, flirting can get you into trouble; here, it's just part of the night out.

Escape From Life's Pressures

Believe it or not, watching naked ladies dance gives us some major stress relief. All week long, you're a slave to the grind, and this is one place where you get to feel like a king. After all - they're shaking it just for you! Even when you know that it's the dollars they're after, and for them it's just a job like any other, it gives you some welcome relief to be treated like something special.

Honestly, it just makes a guy feel cool. It feeds the male ego. This is why it gives us such a release. We all know that in our day-to-day lives, women aren't about to give us this kind of attention. We wouldn't expect them to. But here, all of the world's rules have been turned upside down.

Guys Night Out

Finally, a night at strip clubs is a night out for the guys. No women allowed, except for the ones up there dancing. Sure, that's a male chauvinist pig thing to say; but guys who are committed to a loving relationship long-term sometimes need to go out and blow a little steam. Our ancestors played drums and chanted in front of a fire; we watch hot women take off their clothes and dance. We all need some male bonding, especially married guys. It's a little funny to think about it - you used to go to bars to meet women; now you go there to get away from them!

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