Why No One Talks About Overlord Season 4 Release Dates Anymore

Mar 2


Aaditya Aryan

Aaditya Aryan

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After looking at both the essential parts, we can say that we can see the next season of Overlord in 2021 this year. It is expected to meet the following season by 60-70%, which is very high. We hope that the information you have given us is sufficient to know when the next season of Overlord will arrive.


Overlord is a unique and popular anime series written by Kugane Maruyama and produced by Naoyuki. Three seasons of this anime series have been released so far. Which has been very popular,Why No One Talks About Overlord Season 4 Release Dates Anymore Articles and people are eagerly waiting for its fourth season.

So, let's give you an update date for overlord season 4. How much is the possibility of overlord anime season 4 will also see these facts in detail.

The third episode of Overlord's third season was aired on 2 October 2018 in Japan. It has been more than two years, and till now we have not got its next season.

Will it see its next season in 2021 this year? For this, you will have to continue reading this article of ours.

Know about the story of overlord season 4

When it comes to the story of this anime series, the level of this anime revolves around a skeletal man named Momonga, who gets trapped in a game DMMORPG and has to gather many details to get and go out.

He finds his way. Overlord anime season 4 is going to be quite exciting; that's why people are eagerly waiting.

Possibilities of the release of overlord anime season 4

For the next season of any anime series, it is crucial to know how much money the makers earned or the popularity of that anime. Keeping these things in mind, we can say that when its next season will come?

If we look at the earnings, we see that the sale of its light novel is excellent. Each volume has sold over 200,000 copies, which is a perfect thing.

And this will force the filmmakers to release overlord anime season 4.

If we look at its Blu-ray cell, we see about 12500 copies of its first season and 7000 copies of its second season. In its third season, Blu-ray sold over 6500 copies.

Looking at all this information, we know that maybe by the end of this year, we might get to see its next season or by the middle of 2021, only a teaser will be released. However, no official announcement has been made by the makers so far.

The third season of Overlord was released in the year 2018, and since then, its fans have been waiting for its next season if you are also curious to know when the fourth season of Overlord will be released.

If you want to know whether the next season of Overlord will come in the year 2021, you have to read a little bit of information, and then I tell you what is expected that Overlord season 4 will be announced this year.

Profit and loss of information

The primary source of information of many anime series is its light novel, Manga, mobile games. The source information of the Overlord anime is also a light novel.

After the source information, we have to see how much light volume has been used in the last season. If all the works have been used, it may mean that we do not get to see the next season of the anime. Overlord's Light Novel has 14 volumes and, besides, has a manga series. Whose 13 books have been published so far. But not all its importance have been used yet. It clarifies that there is no shortage of source information, and there is still enough story for its next season.

Apart from this, another good news is that Overlord has three seasons so far, but even after that, this anime is earning quite well. Although slightly less than season one. Well, this figure is enough for the release of overlord season 4.

So that's why overlord season 4 can't be released

The OTT platform of the Overlord anime series is still streaming on Netflix, and this anime series is one of the best and popular anime series ever. So far, a total of three seasons have been released, and there is still doubt among fans regarding the release of Season 4. But don't worry because the possibilities of the release of overlord anime season 4 are also exceptionally high.

The popularity of the show is so much that much is being done to keep its storyline going. Consider these things of Yuki, and we think that before the end of this year, we can get its fourth season, and its teaser can also be available by the middle of this year.

Overlord Season 4 Possible Storyline

However, its author or its production house has not released its story plot or subplot so far. But according to us, the likely story of season 4 is revolving around Ainz and Demiurge. In season three, They showed that Ainz was announced as a Sorcerer King. Due to which he became more powerful. And on this same possible storyline, overlord season 4 may be released. The Great Tomb can also play an important role this season. Also read Is Noragami Season 3 Really Coming?

Final words

Warlord is also a trendy game in the anime series available to play in Japan and the United States. The name of this game is Mass For The Dead. You can guess the popularity of this game because, by December 2020, the game had earned more than $ 600,000 worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Here all the possibilities of the release of overlord season 4 are shown. This article has also told the release date, profit, loss, and possible story of overlord anime season 4.