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One might watch some TV in the evening, watch their favorite series on their computer, yet others take the risk of giving WoW a try. That’s where it all starts...

Yes,Guest Posting even gamers have the same needs as every other person: a social life, fun stuff and regular day to day stuff like attending school or working at a day to day job. Normally someone plays a game just to get a break of the daily routine, just to relax. One might watch tv in the evening, watch their favourite series on their computer, yet others take the risk of giving WoW a try. That’s where it all starts... You start playing because you’re just plain bored, but a few days later you’ll find yourself being totally sucked into the game, not allowing yourself to do anything other in your spare time.

New players often underestimate the exact type of game which WoW is, and even more important: the time it actually takes to accomplish something in the digital world. They go online to finish just a quest or two, but end up playing way longer than intended. Blizzard obviously did a great job when it comes to creating both a balanced and addictive game play. You’re kept busy with constant chains of quests, storyline after storyline, and before you able to realize it, you’re several hours further.

Most games prevent you from actually getting addicted to them, due to the fact that there’s a certain end of the game. WoW allows you to keep on evolving further and further though, even past the so called end of the game. Building up and maintaining your professions will certainly cost you a lot of time, and other players and guilds will also keep you busy with ‘raids’. A raid usually costs several hours to complete normally, but the urge to keep pushing and improving your character and gear is enormous.

You’ll soon be confronted with problems when you stop improving your gear endgame, as other players won’t stand still, making you weaker in player versus player (PVP) battles, as WoW is based a lot on the actual gear and not on gathered skill points. Even if you dislike raiding a lot, Blizzard still has a special function available though, which will make you good against other much better equipped players. They’ll reward you with points and marks, where you will be able to buy your own new great from certain NPCs (computer units). All to make sure you won’t get bored and keep on playing. Addicts often state quitting WoW isn’t as hard as it seems, and that they can quite whenever they want. That’s exactly where the problem is located though. The problem of addictions in general is that they simply don’t -want- to quite or stop. Gaming addictions are a pretty new phenomenon and aren’t often easily recognized, which makes it even harder to break the actual addiction.

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