3 Important Considerations to Make When Purchasing an Air Purifier

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Now that you do, you will also realize that you probably spend most of your daily life indoors. Being exposed to this poor quality of air for long periods of time puts us at risk of variety of different ailments such as asthma, allergies, and many other types of respiratory issues.
For the reasons above you should seriously consider using an air purifier which can help to create cleaner and healthier levels of air, help prevent the chances of picking up health conditions and generally improve the health of your body.

Did you know that the air that you breathe inside your home is in most cases more polluted than the air that you breathe outside?

However,Guest Posting once you have made the decision to purchase an air purifier, you will want to know just what you will need to consider before making the actual purchase.

Why Are You Buying It?

The first question you should be asking yourself is what the main motive is for purchasing an air purifier. If you are purchasing it because you already have allergies, you should be going for an air purifier that uses e-film filters such as the AIRVAX-33x2. E-film filters are able to eliminate 99.97% of all airborne allergens that are 0.3 microns or sometimes smaller in size. Among the common allergens that fit in that range include dust, pollen, mites, and pet dander.

In the past HEPA filters were considered the best on the market but they can usually not pick up particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns and the filters require changing every month whereas an e-filter will last for three years with some regular cleaning.

Other reasons to buy an air purifier could be to remove the smell of smoke, if you suffer with multiple-chemical sensitivities, or are suffering with asthma.

What Size do you need?

Every air purifier will come with recommended square foot coverage, so knowing the size of the room that you plan to place it in might be a good idea before you make a purchase. If you purchases one that does not offer enough coverage, the air will not be as clean as it should be in your home or office.

Where to put it?

You should consider having an air purifier in the one room that you spend the most of your time in. This might be the bedroom when you sleep or for those that work hard, the office might be the prime location.

For many a good option would be to use an air purifier that can be moved around easily and placed in different rooms that you are in throughout the day. The AIRVAX air purifier mentioned earlier also stands out because of this feature. Many air purifiers are heavy and not very mobile but this one is easy to move and can literally be carried around with you.


So once you know why you are getting an air purifier in the first place, the size and coverage that it affords, and where you will be placing it, you will have the basis of what you are looking for. Just be sure to do your homework on any product you are considering and not to rush into buying the first one that you see.

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