6 tips to lighten your home with led bulbs and safety installation tips.

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Technology made it easier and safe to lighten our home. Knowing and following this tips in choosing the right LED bulbs is just like picking an apple.

The Advance technology in the improvement of LED light bulbs have been swift,Guest Posting with manufacturers challenging to design LED bulbs appropriate  for every appliances  in the home, while driving to decrease  the retail price for consumer acceptance.
LED light bulbs have become commonly available for the different lighting applications in modern homes and are more cost-effective than incandescent or CFL counterparts.
Here how to select the appropriate LED bulb for your lighting needs and to help you make understand of the many energy-efficient lighting solutions on the market today.
1. Buying LED bulbs with new Lumens rating
The FTC has mandated that all light bulb packages will be standardized with new labels which will make it much easier to choose and buy light bulbs, whether they are halogen, CFL, LED or incandescent. The “Lumen” will be the key indicator on the light bulb package, which will replace the current “watts”. Lumens characterize the amount of light emitted by a light source, and are a more precise bulb brightness measurement. 
Choosing is simply comparing lumens which enable you to match the brightness level each bulb will deliver. Then you decide the lumen level you prefer, you can look to other indicators such as non-dimmable or dimmable, lifetime run cost, and energy efficiency to select the ideal bulb for your appliance.
2. LED bulbs contain no hazardous content or mercury
One of the components of Energy-efficient CFL bulbs is the presence of mercury in the bulbs. Environmental concern when bulb is disposed due to its mercury content especially the bulb is broken.
LED Lighting bulbs contain no mercury and no special handling or disposal of LED bulbs.
3. LEDs bulbs have a dimmable or non-dimmable and give instant light
Turning on tubular fluorescent light bulbs and CFLs, it take a minute before full brightness is reach, and like fluorescents bulbs may flicker during warm up or even during operation. LED bulbs it brightens as soon as they are turned on. It is a big advantage over CFL bulbs specially areas where lights are frequently turned on and off. LED lights on the other hand produce a steady light which does not flicker.
Previous versions of LED bulbs are not dimmable. Now, dimmable LED bulbs are designed to work in dimmable switches which compatible with home lighting fixtures and many lamps.
4. LEDs provide less heat buildup in your home
There is a great amount of heat in incandescent lights produce ideal illumination in terms of brightness and quality of light.
Example a 100 watt incandescent bulb produces 100 watts of power. In one hour, the bulb would produce a 6 degree Centigrade rise or 11 degree Fahrenheit. This assumes the room is closed to ventilation, so the temperature would be lower if the room were ventilated, or larger. It illustrate that the heat contribution from an incandescent bulb is significant.
LED bulbs do not contribute to heat buildup in a room. It remains cool. A high power LEDs are designed with heat sinks, usually aluminum struts around the lower bulb, which keeps operating temperatures low.
5. UV-free LED bulbs are not attractable to insects
Most LED bulbs but not all do not give off ultraviolet light, which is known to attract flying insects.
Specialty LED bulbs which have yellow lenses or bulbs are designed for outdoor use in decks, on patios or carports. These yellow design bulbs will not attract the bugs and moths which seem to cluster around ordinary white bulbs. These bulbs produce adequate light for the intended area and won’t attract bugs.
6. Don’t be surprise with the tag price
LED bulbs may pricy to consumers unfamiliar with the new LED bulbs. The cost of the LED bulb is expensive than the cost of a CFL bulb or incandescent, the savings is recovered over time because the bulb will last longer and use less energy than other bulbs.
These are energy efficient, durable and safer than any other type of lighting system. However, this fact should not allow for satisfaction, which can lead to serious accidents. It is necessary to ensure basic precaution and safety whenever you plan to install, repair or modify LED lighting systems. Individual who is unsure about the process of installation should contact a professional to have it done. Think safety first that the cost. With this technology, LED lights are easy to install.
Safety tips that everyone should keep in mind when installing LED lighting systems.
Need to disconnect any electrical connections – make sure you switch off the lights and disconnect it before you start working if you are dealing with any LED lighting system that is connected to an electrical outlet. Never installing or altering the lights while they are connected to a power source or switched on.
Survey the environment – LED lighting systems (esp. rope lights) should be installed in a way that it doesn’t obstruct in a work area or direct physical contact. In appropriate installation can damage expensive lighting system and most of all injury to people.

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