Environment Sustainability concerns

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Of course we know that the man-made environment and the natural environment are the two types of environment. Now in man-made environment, we know that it contains the part which are highly influenced by man while in natural environment, it comprises with living and non-living things that exist naturally. Natural environment has resources and ecological units. Ecology or ecological units is the part of the environment that appears without the intervention of man which are the plants, trees, atmosphere, rocks, microorganisms and even natural phenomena and resources like climate, waters, air and land.

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Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. For humans, sustainability is the integration of environmental, social, cultural, and economic resources to create the most enduring and environmentally sustainable community vision.



·       Corporate/Organizational/Community Sustainability

·       Urban Naturalization

·       Urban Agriculture

·       Stormwater Management

·       Climate Change Mitigation

·       Project Management

·       Strategies & Programs

·       Organizational/Program Assessments

·       Strategic Planning

·       Research and Analysis

·       Stakeholder Consultations

·       Public Outreach and Education

·       Workshops

·       Training


Sustainability Planning

Sustainability planning is about identifying a holistic approach to operating your organization or business to achieve positive economic, social and environmental results today and into the future. Being committed to sustainability promotes the health and wellbeing of people and the environment of which we are a part while also increasing short-term and long-term profitability. Become part of the future way of doing business:


·       Green your company

·       Market a competitive edge to your customers

·       Become part of the sustainable supply chain

·       Increase company performance

·       Enhance company reputation

·       Minimize use of toxic chemicals

·       Reduce impacts on the environment

·       Reduce carbon footprint

·       Lower expenses through reduced energy and water use

·       Reduce corporate risk and liability

·       Inspire employees

·       Exceed environmental regulators’ demands


Community Sustainability

More and more municipalities are reframing approaches to community development in terms of long-term sustainability and environmental accountability. Identifying goals and implementation steps to meet the long-term needs of your community as a whole is key to achieving a sustainable future. Orland Conservation can work with your organization to develop a comprehensive community Sustainability Plan to identify long term sustainability goals and develop an enduring community vision.


Economic Advantage

·       Financial savings through sustainable procurement and reduction of inefficient municipal practices (e.g. reduced material and energy consumption)

·       Generate revenue (e.g. Feed-in Tariff, sale of recycled products)

·       Demonstrate sustainable, long-term fiscal accountability


Environmental Health

·       Protect natural areas and biodiversity

·       Energy conservation

·       Reduce air and water pollution

·       Reduce carbon footprint


Community Stewardship & Quality of Life

·       Foster community pride and environmental stewardship

·       Preserve natural resources for future generations


Staff Development & Training

·       Educational opportunities that can be shared with family and other members of the community

·       Sustainability awareness to help promote the organization as an innovative leader



Orland Conservation can work with your organization to develop a comprehensive community Sustainability Plan to identify long term sustainability goals and provide an enduring community vision.


Key Elements

·       Public and municipal input

·       Review existing sustainability plans, policies and bylaws

·       Interdepartmental consultation

·       Cost-benefit analysis

·       Recommend necessary supportive policies and assist with proposals for council

·       Sustainable resource and material procurement

·       Staff training

·       Communications plan

Implementation guidelines

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