Environmental Problems - How Slogans Can Help

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This is an overview of the environmental problems which pose the biggest threat to the Earth and us humans. It also explains how slogans on environment can help in the fight to solve these problems. 

The Earth and us humans are under threat. The threat of a long range of environmental problems that,Guest Posting in the worst case, could cause animal and plant extinction, dramatic changes in climate and ecosystems, and possibly the death of large populations of humans. Which problems are the most acute and the most serious today?

Pollution of sea, land and air have been going on since the start of the industrial revolution in the late 18th century. Since the discovery of oil and fossil fueled motors, the pollution has accelerated, and are today threatening all living organisms on Earth. This is because, even though the pollution is local, winds and sea currents transport the pollutants all around the globe. In other words, this problem is affecting us all. 

Because of overpopulation and a growing demand for Western lifestyle, the supply of water, food, energy and raw materials will not be able to meet the demand for much longer. This scarcity of necessities is a big threat, not only to the extravagant lifestyle of the developed world, but also to the health of large portions of mankind. 

Global warmingis another big environmental problem that must be solved if we are to maintain a good health. It is caused by high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which leads to a rise in the average global temperature, which then leads to all sorts of negative effects on the climate. The high levels of carbon dioxide are caused by huge emissions from factories, fossil fueled vehicles etcetera.

Extinction of plant and animal species is already mentioned, but this problem is nothing new. It has happened in the past, and is probably happening as you are reading this article. 

The environment in which we work and live are very important for our health. Dust, noise, traffic, radiation and chemicals all affects health in a bad way. Unfortunately, we are all exposed to these risks in varying degrees. Minimizing them will have a very positive impact on your health, so do what you can, it will be well worth it.  

All these problems can be solved if politicians, companies and individual persons really want to. It can cost more, and take time and energy, but they are possible to solve. First step though, is to make people aware of the seriousness of the environmental problems we face. Slogans on environmentare great to use in informational campaigns, like on placards in demonstrations, in advertisements, in newspapers and on posters and t-shirts. Slogans often have a catchy message that is easy to remember, and this makes them perfect for increasing awareness among the public. A perfect start in the fight for a greener and better environment! 

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