Eutierria: The Euphoria from Nature

Feb 24


Jacob Lips

Jacob Lips

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Eutierria is a Greek word that means good earth. A handful of environment-savvy people have used this term to mean “a good and positive feeling of one...


Eutierria is a Greek word that means good earth. A handful of environment-savvy people have used this term to mean “a good and positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces.” This entails harmony with the world you live in. As such, Eutierria: The Euphoria from Nature Articles it is important that you take care of the environment because it also means taking care of yourself. 

The best way to really experience eutierria is to experience nature for yourself. Here are some activities that will help you be one with nature.



This is actually the best kind of exercise. Some people prefer going to the gym while others run on a treadmill at home. But nothing beats exercising with nature. Exercise is also the best way to beat chronic inflammation. This is actually backed by research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. People who are active and who exercise regularly produce few inflammatory distress signals. So when people are confronted with stressful matters, they cope better. 

Nature hiking is not just a form of exercise, it is also a form of leisure. Walking in the forest, mountains, or any natural surroundings means being confronted with natural beauty. That is such a relaxing activity. Those who prefer to walk in the forest or the woodlands will also have the perfect opportunity to do some birding. Most birds nest on trees so you will definitely spot a number of species with your eyes while also getting the chance to enjoy their music.

For those who enjoy walking around the beach, the sea breeze will immediately lighten up your mood. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some sea mammals as well as water birds. You will also have a chance to soak your feet in shallow waters or feel the softness of the sand while walking barefoot. 

Hiking is a natural therapy. In the silence of nature, you can hear yourself think. The relaxing atmosphere will give you clarity. Being one with nature will help you make the biggest decisions of your life.


Forest bathing

This is still a fairly new concept around the world but it has been a common practice in Japan. Forest bathing originated in Japan and entails mindful time spent in the woods. It is not meant to be taken literally. You don’t go to the woods in order to find a stream or river you can bathe in. Instead, you simply go to the forest in order to be showered with nature’s positive energy. 

In order to effectively do forest bathing, you cannot bring any form of technology with you. You should not be distracted as you commune with nature. While in the forest, you find the right spot for you to be one with nature. You can lie down on the forest grounds or squat or find a position that makes you very comfortable. Once you are comfortable, you breathe in the scent of nature, listen to its natural sounds, and just embrace the energy of the forest. 


Camping and sleeping underneath the stars

Again, in order to effectively be one with nature, you shouldn’t bring any form of technology with you when you do your camping. Don’t bring any camping cookware either. Try to make use of natural resources while camping. As such, don’t bring tents. Try to sleep under the stars. But before you sleep, just enjoy the beauty of the stars. It will help you imagine your place in this big world. It will also help you appreciate what this world has to offer. There are so many wonderful things on our planet, and they are free. So we have to do our duty in preserving Mother Earth’s treasures for us and the future generations.