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Household waste management is one of the easiest ways to "go green".  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is a way of life that is easy to adopt and reaps huge benefits for us and the planet.

Research from the United Nations Development Programme have stated that there are almost five million people who die yearly,Guest Posting from diseases related to incorrect waste disposal, and they say the number is increasing.

 It goes without saying that the developed countries are the ones that are generating the most waste.  As an example about three-quarters of a ton of waste is generatedannually by every person in the United States. 
 These reports are backed up  by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (aka US EPA).  These disturbing statistics can be lessened through proper waste management.
People must begin to realize that waste management in the home is not just about making less trash.  It is to a greater extent saving and the protection of our environment. 

Starting out your approach toward a responsible household waste management program is to start monitoring what precisely you are tossing out and how much waste is being hauled from your home.  By monitoring your trash habits, you will find out how you can deal with your household trash in other ways.  The mantra of waste management is summarized in three simple words; reduce, reuse, recycle.

• Reduce household waste

The purchasing of food in packs or containers can add tremendously to your garbage. Always try to buy food that is sold individually such as vegetables and fruits. 

Thinking about the future, you should have your home appliances serviced on a regular basis. If they are broken have them fixed. This will avoid having to throw the appliances and keeps them out of the landfills for a longer interval.

•Reuse items

If you have an appliance or other home equipment that is not in use and is still working, you should think about gifting it to charity.

  Avoid the practice of using plastic bags and paper bags by taking a reusable shopping bag or re-purpose everyday items that you normally discard.  There are  quite a few different websites that offer you some rather unique ideas. 
  Be sure and purchase reusable over disposable items.  A reusable coffee cup and drinking water bottles, should be used rather than the disposable containers.  This alone can save a immense amount of garbage from being discarded into landfills.

• Recycle

One of the easiest to recycle is by composting.  This method of recycling is best both for your garden and the environment.  You may even consider worm farming as away to earn extra money and recycle your waste at the same time. 

Recycling centers are available in nearly every community.  Make it a habit to use take advantage of one near your home.

Food is another large source of household waste.  How can you reduce food waste?  Simply by purchasing only the amount you really consume and need.  A shopping list is an important tool to prevent impulse buying.  Research has shown that 75% of the shoppers who purchase an item in a grocery store made that decision after they visited the store.  A shopping list will help your budget and it can help the environment. 

Become a savvy shopper and check your supplies before you leave home.  Use up those items that can spoil first.  Be aware of what happens to the food you purchase, how much packaging it has, and its origin, before you buy.

Finally, a mention about the hazardous chemicals found in our homes.  The U.S. Government has named nearly  500 hazardous chemical waste products and how they need to be discarded.  Everyday items we find in ourhomes, such as paint, cleaning supplies, and pesticides contain these chemicals.  By using organic products, the need to go through the extra steps needed to discard of hazardous household materials can be eliminated.

So get that garbage out of your life and make your home a healthier and safer place for you, your family and the planet.

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