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Rubbish content in USA is rising prolifically. There each year 48,000,000,000 boxes, 28,000,000,000 bottles, 100,000,000 car tyres and 7,000,000 cars are rendered garbage. There are many other types of such materials that on becoming old and tattered are thrown away into ocean waters rendering them polluted.

Akin to air pollution water pollution too is a creation of this modern era. For sustaining life amongst most required materials water stands at 2nd spot. In Vedas water is called nectar.

Not only India but that all countries of the world and their scientists accept the importance of water. Since thousands of years in Finland there is a tradition of bathing congregationally on Saturdays. In big families people dig up lakes in their huge gardens. In Germany waist bathing and water therapy has been given widespread importance. Scientists there viz. Brand Leeber and Jim Seen carried out studies in water therapy methods and since they proved it to be very beneficial there water therapy has come into vogue everywhere. There are many such villages there where in virtually every home,Guest Posting water therapy is administered. In America Universities of Philadelphia, New York, Virginia etc classes on water therapy are conducted. In natural lakes of Rome, Japan, Czechoslovakia etc people bathe a lot. There on this sort of bathing many scientific research studies have been carried out. In India along with giving due importance to pilgrimages bathing in holy rivers there is a must. River Ganga waters are worshiped akin to nectar/Amrit. On seeing all this if it can be called the very life force of all creatures certainly it is not an overstatement. The School of Medicine in India called Ayurveda it is said: Daily early morning on waking up a person drinking a cool glass of water on an empty stomach always remains disease free, healthy, the brain remains cool and calm, the stomach’s digestive system remains strong and eyes drip with brilliant aura. Pure water is the very life of human beings and without it man cannot sustain life.

It is very sad to note that the human race known to give water so much importance and knows that its purity is most required today is rendering water dirty. Thus man not only destroys himself but that he perforce remains ill and ailing for virtually his entire life. USA’s well known philosopher Arthur Goodroffe too in one of his memoirs writes: In those days I would go to study at Hesbroadak Heights. In those days, the very 1st factory was set up in Sedil River in New Jersey. Muck and foul odor from this factory would fall into this river in such a way that we all could not bathe in it. Selfish and wealth greedy people refused to hear our request and thus today Passaic, Hackensack Bay, Hudson and others became rivers of hell because all its water got polluted badly. The human race by polluting water everywhere akin to suicide is heading towards becoming diseased. This is not his mistake but sheer stupidity on his part.

Akin to air pollution today even water pollution is staring at earth in the form of a very financially dear problem. Majority of cities dwell on river shores. Heavy industries generally crop up in big metro cities. In Canada and other countries tanks like hipirin that cleans excreta and dirt of cities. They allow only purified water to enter rivers but in India stools-urine of thousands of people of cities are shed in rivers nearby. River Ganga since time immemorial is very much part of our Indian culture. On 12 Amavasya or no moon day religious bathing is a must. Further on various festival days too even today millions of people take a holy dip and fill up vessels with this sacred water. But today these River Ganga waters predominate with excreta of humans, animals etc. One’s blood boils on merely remembering how much dirt, rubbish etc is thrown into River Ganga waters right from Rishikesh’s Antibiotic factory to Gangasagar in Kolkata and it seems that today truly from the reeking dirt standpoint the entire world has been rendered a rotting hell.

There was time in the past when America’s lovely lakes/waterfalls due to its natural beauty attracted the souls of nature lovers and these people resided there for sometime in order to attain peace. But today on their shores large sign boards announce: Danger! Polluted waters! No swimming allowed! Caution! Water is toxic! Nearby lakes in industrialized towns and cities are in a way termed corpses. Their waters cannot be used by anybody. The rivers there are now but sewers/gutters that aid in flowing mounds of rubbish. Rhine River is called Europe’s Gutter.

A Chemistry expert Norweld Duffimright conducted a chemical analysis of fish caught in Norway’s Saint Player Lake and they found dangerous amounts of mercury in it. How did mercury enter fish? After more minute studies it was unearthed that in industry used chemicals high levels of mercury are found. This mercury along with rubbish flows into nearby lakes. It was thought previously that mercury being a heavy metal would ‘sit’ in the floor bed of the lake. Even if a few fish died due to this mercury not much special harm can occur but yet this inference was proved erroneous.

Research studies showed that on reaching water chemical reactions with reference to mercury start taking place. Its subtle amount enters tiny creatures. Small worms eat up these and they in turn become food for fish. In this manner mercury’s chemical reaction by becoming a unit in the flesh of fish settles there. Analysts have said that men eating such fish affected by mercury either become blind or lunatics. Under special circumstances they may die too.

Akin to mercury there are many such other chemicals that pose much more dangers. These too are used in large amounts in various industries and its rubbish leads in creating water pollution. Dr Henry Schroder of Dartmouth Medical College has warned the USA government that chemicals like lead, cadmium, nickel, carbonyl etc are no less heinous. These are used in large measures at present. Its’ very tiny amount also can induce blood pressure problems and lung cancer.

There is one more reason why rubbish content in USA is rising prolifically. There each year 48,000,000,000 boxes, 28,000,000,000 bottles, 100,000,000 car tyres and 7,000,000 cars are rendered garbage. There are many other types of such materials that on becoming old and tattered become rubbish and then they are thrown away into ocean waters. As a result this garbage is proving hazardous for shore areas of the ocean. In this rubbish dirt starts swelling and further creates disasters for nearby regions. How the slogan of ‘use things for a very short time span, throw it away and buy more new materials’ has helped in rendering USA so immersed in joy and augmenting material prosperity shall be proved only as time lapses by. Yet know for sure as a result of this garbage content is rising at a frantic pace. People by removing their old car number plates leave their cars here and there. Everywhere one can find graveyards of used cars and none even thinks of taking away bottles, boxes etc. The public there on getting rattled with this problem has celebrated ‘Earth Day’ and by throwing this rubbish at doorsteps of factories responsible for making them rendered them mountains of garbage heaps and further demanded that along with making these goods such factories should shoulder the responsibility of disposing these goods when they turn into garbage.

When oxygen levels decrease in water toxic principles augment and thus trees, plants etc die on getting poisoned. In clouds too this poison gets mixed and then they rain down as poisonous water. Thus birds and plants due this poisoned rain get scarred and scorched. Fish life die in hordes and thus their number depletes n fold. Those who eat this fish become ill. Today over there a venomous fish species is proliferating called carp. No doubt it has learnt the ‘art’ of dwelling and remaining alive in toxic waters yet for fishermen these carp fish are of no use at all.

In USA each year 7,000,000 cars and 100,000,000 car tyres are rendered garbage. Over there for every 200,000,000 persons there are 85,000,000 cars. In lone Los Angeles itself in a population of 2,000,000 people there are 1,000,000 cars. Over there one can buy a brand new car for 300 dollars. In such a country repairing older cars proves to be very expensive. The moment these cars become old they are thrown away as rubbish. The same holds true for motor cycles and other machinery. For government officials there it has become a headache to answer the question as to where this rubbish can be disposed off. As of now this garbage is thrown away into the ocean water but know that when these mountains of rubbish keep getting thrown in it the ocean also shall start getting covered with rubbish and nothing but rubbish. Today the state of sea shore areas is terrible. In the near future most definitely the putrefied stench shall become a cause for a big health hazard.

Researcher of deep ocean beds-Jacqui Vivus has found that increasing ocean water impurity has become a worrisome situation and due to water pollution it could so happen that oceans shall lose their precious utility value. Jacqui Vivus has made calculations regarding killing of 40% marine life in the past 20 years due to augmenting of oil droplets and other toxic chemicals in sea water. Jacqui Vivus opines that not only fish but that even plants are disappearing from ocean beds in hordes.

These days the production of chlorine chemical in pesticides has gone beyond 5,000,000. With only a miniscule amount of it smaller creatures like rats die on the spot. This toxic material by mixing in air is getting rendered so widespread that residents of the Polar Region to the extent that even birds’ bodies are known to have such toxicity.

Dirt from factories travelling here and there ultimately enters the sea when rivers etc enter the latter. Pesticides sprayed on trees etc also along with rain water reach sea waters finally. The ash of nuclear energy reactors also enters sea water. The ocean maybe very gigantic yet it is not limitless. It also has its limitations in ‘digesting’ toxins entering its waters. When these levels increase much more ocean waters becoming venomous is but natural. Akin to the ground in that water plant life also grows. From this swimming plant life the water world accesses enough air. A very big portion of air spread out on earth is attained from these water plants like phytoplankton. The more sea water turns toxic these plants get killed and it results not only hazardous for the very lives of water creatures but also terrestrial indwellers. 

It is sea water on becoming clouds that rains down everywhere. This poison keeps getting mixed in clouds and on drinking poisoned rain water plant life too gets rendered venomous. Flesh and milk got from animals devouring such poisoned grass become uneatable. These tainted undesirable principles by augmenting in vegetables, fruits and grains create situations in the human body that destroy good sound health.

Water in nearby areas of Helsinki in Finland was rendered undrinkable hence arrangements had to be made to transport clean water from a distance of 160 miles. Since pollution has filled up nearby sea water in Cyprus its travel industry is facing immense financial losses. Netherland too is getting trapped in this very problem. They have suggested that wherever big factories are set up there in order to purify pollution minimum 3% capital must be allotted separately for the same else today’s industrialized development/progress may loom large in future as a terrible hazard.

In a booklet titled ‘Show down for water’ (water pollution) America accepts that these problems are very complex, harassing and more terrible than present day designing of mass destructive weapons. It further writes that strangely efforts executed to solve such problems are in fact rendering the latter more complex and tortuous.

In 1965 and 1966 AD America designed such laws for tackling the above problems yet in front of the insane rush after modern science and heavy industry growth who would pay heed to and think about this ‘common’ problem that murders thousands of people and renders diseased, millions of others.

In England merely due to production of soap, phenyl, DDT and pesticides 450,000,000 gallon water gets polluted which later is used in household chores. This very water on reaching the ocean foam appears on it. On seeing it anyone can infer that this water is nothing but dirt that has come as a flow. In USA in comparison to England 4 times more water is used for household purposes. All countries of the world, be it in higher or lower amounts emit such dirt that finally flows into ocean waters. America is throwing away its garbage into the sea. Very recently it had filled 1440 nerve gases that kills all creatures into certain apparatus and threw them into the sea near Florida. This pollution on the one hand destroys oxygen in water there on the other hand it kills microbes and plants that are known to render well balanced the ocean waters. Due to this the harm of destroying its beauty is not as much when compared to it being rendered uncontrolled. In future days to arrive the ocean’s terrible havoc like upheavals can harass the human race immensely. Even the steam arising from dirty waters shall be polluted, clouds shall get polluted and thus the water that shall rain down shall be nothing but a rain of various diseases. It shall directly affect the health of the human race and no doubt crop growth too shall get affected in a malefic manner.

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