Reusable Bags Make You Sick? Just Propoganda from Plastic Bags Industry

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This article details the hysteria crafted by the Canadian Plastics Industry exaggerating the health concerns of using reusable bags. The goal is to create a healthy environment

Recently Canada's Environment and Plastics Industry Council stated in a report that eco friendly reusable bags may "pose a public health risk." The report was minor,Guest Posting and they did not suggest that reusable green bags shouldn't be used. However, per the norm, special interest groups ranging from plastic manufacturers to lumber mills manipulated the store into something greater. They have begun promoting the report out of context to serve their interests. The Environment and Plastics Industry Council report is not a cause for concern in the least. Reusable green bags are a much better option to paper and plastic for a variety of reasons ranging from the environmental toll of disposable bags to saving for companies.

These interest groups, including plastics manufacturers and deforesters are irresponsibly further stoking germophobia caused by the swine flu. What they neglected to mention is that simply washing your reusable bag after it comes into contact with contaminants will avoid any and all issues. The lumber and plastics industries have resorted to fear mongering to protect their interests, and they are doing it in both an inappropriate and unethical fashion.

Reusable bags are no different than other improvements in consumer products throughout history. During the Second Industrial Revolution (1890s) terry cloth replaced linen as the primary material for bath towels. Users experienced a better, more pleasant experience all around. However, as any parent knows when they unpack their child's summer camp luggage, towels must be washed. This has now become second nature, and most people wash and dry their towels regularly. This avoids mold, bacteria, and anything else that may be a cause for concern. Simply washing your green reusable bag after they come into contact with anything suspect will have the same effect and render the report's concerns completely unfounded.

The benefits of reusable bags outweigh any and all concerns. Green bags are longer lasting and don't fill landfills or destroy forests like their plastic and paper counterparts. At last count over 203 billion (nine zeroes), have been used this year. The effects of this are drastic and far reaching. First, the raw materials used in making disposable plastic bags include complex oils that can actually poison rivers and streams. Next, these plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photo degrade, which means while the molecules may get smaller and smaller they never actually leave the Earth.

The opposite is true of reusable bags. They are often made from RPET, which not only use recycled raw materials, but return harmlessly to the earth when you are done with them. Jason Tunick, of Factory Direct Promos (found at, an industry leader in reusable eco friendly bags, says, "Businesses of all sizes should switch over to reusable bags today. The environmental toll taken by one time use bags is simply too great to go unchecked. Our bags are made from recyclable materials, are long lasting, and leave a drastically smaller footprint on the Earth. Not only that, we help strengthen our customers' marketing messages as well." His sentiments are echoed by others in the industry.

Reusable bags aren't just great for the environment, they make economic sense too. Business owners have found that they can actually use  green bags to entirely replace their plastic stock. The green bags are very affordable, and leave their customers promoting their marketing message for years to come. Don't fall prey to the confusing message being sent by the special interest groups, reusable bags are harmless, eco friendly, and the only alternative to disposable bags. Go green today!

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