Saving our planet from plastic: How do we do it?

Apr 7


Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

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What can we do to help prevent plastic pollution


Plastic pollution is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. The first step in stopping plastic pollution is realizing how bad the situation has gotten. Plastic debris ends up in oceans,Saving our planet from plastic: How do we do it? Articles lakes, rivers, and even our food supply, and it is time for us all to take action before it is too late.


If we do not start acting now itself, very soon our entire planet will be covered in discarded plastics and we will not be able to remove all of them. This is why one of the most effective ways to stop plastic pollution from continuing is by creating awareness among people about this issue. It is important that everyone in your family understand what they can do at home, school and workplace to help reduce the use of plastics.


Since we are using so much plastic every day, it is very difficult for us to completely avoid it, but if you take some simple steps like bringing reusable eco-friendly bags in Sri Lanka when you go shopping or carrying a metal straw with you while going out, then these little things make a huge difference over time. Plastic bottles also cause major problems, because after only one use usually end up in landfills or somewhere where they stay forever without degrading.


Here are some other things you can do in order to prevent plastic pollution:

  • Recycle as much as possible

Recycling is an important part of every type of pollution. Plastic bottles and other small plastics can be recycled too but it is not that easy to do so because recycling plants are rarer than landfills. Many countries are now creating new laws and regulations that require people to use either recyclable items or recycle the plastic that they use on a daily basis. Some countries have even banned the use of plastic altogether. In certain countries, they are even using the disposed of plastic to create asphalt for roads or other uses so that they do not end up in landfills.


The use of plastic has become very common in recent times and it is easy to see why. Plastic items are cheaper than other materials, they can be easily moulded into any shape or form that we want them to take, and their durability makes them a long-term investment for most people unlike handmade items in Sri Lanka or elsewhere.


Utilize reusable items to reduce the amount of plastic we use

By using more eco-friendly home items in Sri Lanka, and other things such as bamboo toothbrushes, reusable straws etc we can reduce the amount of plastic we use. Stop purchasing so many single-use items such as water bottles or drinks from cans etc. Instead, carry a reusable bottle with you at all times. These are just some simple steps, but they really do make a difference if everyone implements them into their daily lives together. What is more is that going green will not only help us save our planet but also reduce your household bills which always helps, right?


There are many small businesses that make sustainable products, including clothing, homeware, plastic-free foods etc. Check out some of these companies if you’re looking for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.


Avoid using plastic containers and bags for food, drinks, or anything else that can be done without them

Plastic bags are one of the most commonly used items that are discarded after single-use, and which pollute our lands and waterways. They even create safety hazards for many animals who may eat them or get entangled in them and are ultimately killed because of it. The best way to avoid single-use plastic bags is by bringing reusable, durable alternatives with you when you are out shopping. There are many eco-friendly bags in Sri Lanka which you can use for shopping these days. This can be in the form of a backpack or handbag that has lots of pockets where you can store your items without using any kind of bag at all.


Tell your friends and family about how important it is to save our planet from plastic!

Awareness is key if you want to reduce pollution and save the planet. If you have children, be an excellent example of how to save the planet from plastic. Show them that there is no need for single-use plastics when it comes to food storage if you are storing your items in glass or stainless-steel containers.


In addition, you should always make friends and family aware of what the planet is going through, and what it means for future generations, essentially our children and grandchildren. This is a great way to raise awareness and encourage your friends and family to take action.


The best thing about it, the more people we have on board who know how important it is for us to save our planet from plastic pollution, the easier it will be. We need as many hands on deck if we want this problem solved once and for all. The world has enough problems already without adding another one into the mix that could easily be avoided by using sustainable alternatives such as reusable straws made of stainless steel or glass, instead of single-use plastics. Save money too because you only ever buy those reusable options just once unlike regular plastic ones which are used up very quickly leading to them being thrown away after their first use rather than being reused again like eco-friendly bags and other similar items.


Let the change start with you. Even the smallest change, smallest action can have a profound impact on the environment. Don't wait for someone else to do it; make a change yourself. The biggest problem is that there are so many small actions which, if not done together, have little or no effect on the environment. However, when they are all combined into one big action then things can start changing for the better very quickly. That is why everyone should take part in making our planet green again by even the smallest changes in their lifestyle choices today.