Step by Step Solar Energy Classes

Apr 18


Aurelia McAleese

Aurelia McAleese

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Ever wondered how to install your own home solar power kit?  Do it yourself solar systems have popped up in home improvement stores everywhere, along with solar energy classes that will teach you the basics of step by step solar power.   Below are some of the basics you'll need to install your any of the standard home photovoltaic systems.

Solar power systems for home come in a wide variety of types and sizes.  One of the first things you'll need to know is exactly how you'll be using your free energy.  The PV cells of a solar array absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays and convert that energy into electric current... but that doesn't mean you can use it right away.  The 'juice' created by the photovoltaic process is direct current (DC) and needs to be changed to alternating current (AC) before it can be used for your household electric needs.  This requires the use of an inverter.  There are some uses for DC current within the household,Step by Step Solar Energy Classes Articles but most solar power in homes consists of electricity that's been already transformed into a more standard usable form.

The next thing to consider is how you'll be gathering this free, clean, renewable energy from the sun!  When most people think of home solar heating panels they think of those great big monstrosities that used to clutter rooftops back in the 70's and 80's.  Those ugly eyesores did little to promote the industry, and if anything they hurt the image of solar energy for decades to come.  Luckily in today's world, advances in PV cell technology have made it so that you can harness the sun's rays in a multitude of new ways. 

Rooftop solar panels installation is much simpler, easier, and a LOT more attractive these days!  Panels are smaller and better looking, and they can be mounted flush to the roofline.  Solar shingles are another way to go... you can build entire home photovoltaic systems that look the same as asphalt shingles or ceramic glazed roofing.  By tiling the top of your home with thousands of these tiny cells, you can harness free green energy year-round.  These systems go up easily with just a few solar panel installation classes, and in a few days or even hours you can begin lowering your electric bills while making the planet a cleaner place to live.

Solar heaters for pools are another popular do it yourself project.  You can install a diy solar pool heater in just a matter of hours, saving you hundreds of dollars over the summer in pool heating costs.  Either the sun warms water in an insulated tank, or a vacuum tube system is utilized to make the most of the day's UV rays.  Water tanks can also be used in the home - for showers, dishwashers, washing machines, or anywhere hot water is required.

You can even take solar energy classes that will instruct you on the guidelines of step by step solar system setup.  From determining the angle of installation to drilling the struts that will support the array, one of the best ways to learn is through watching home solar panel kit videos.  The visuals and knowledge obtained by learning from these videos will give you the confidence to begin solar panels installation on any scale project, small or large.   You don't have to have previous experience with any type of green energy - the instructions are all that you need.

And when it comes to installation, usually only a few small tools are required: a laser level, a chalkline, a drill and a socket set.  In most cases connectors will snap together, but you may also need a soldering gun.  The hardware that comes with a home solar power kit is designed to attach to the backs of your PV panels and then be bolted or clamped right to the mounting struts.  In many cases these mounts will be adjustable so you can tilt them toward the sun no matter which month it is.  This allows you to maximize your solar exposure as the sun changes position (relative to your roof) throughout the year.

Check out Installing PV Panels for more information, and for video instruction on step by step solar energy classes.  And for clean, renewable energy from the sun, be sure to visit Home Solar PV Panels.

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