Do Solar Panel Systems use Heat or Light to Generate Electricity?

Mar 11




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Solar power is the best resource for homeowners. It is more affordable and useful than other forms of energy. Besides that, it is easy to store solar energy unlike other non-renewable sources of energy. Installing the Solar Panel is one of the wisest ideas that one can do in today’s time. It is easy to install the solar panels on the rooftops of your homes and offices. Apart from easy installation, the solar panels can generate electricity that you can use for various purposes.


Many people have confusion over the working of the solar panel system. Some people think that solar panels use heat while some think they make use of light to produce electricity. Let us discuss in detail the working of the solar panel system.

  • Kinds of solar power

There are 2 types of solar power. The first type is solar thermal power. This power makes use of sunrays to produce heat. Then the heat is used for the various tasks in the home such as boiling water or running generators for lighting homes.

The second type of solar power is produced by photovoltaic solar panels. These panels directly make use of light to produce electricity.

Now,Do Solar Panel Systems use Heat or Light to Generate Electricity? Articles many homeowners think that photovoltaic solar panels work in the scorching heat. But it is a wrong belief. The perfect temperature for photovoltaic solar panels is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They fail to work if the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius.

In addition to that, the photovoltaic solar panels work less efficiently during hot summer days. They work well in clear winter days.

  • How do solar panels work?

These are the steps in which the solar panels work in your homes or offices.

  1. Capturing the sunlight

The top solar panel Brisbane comes with photovoltaic cells (PV). These cells capture the sun rays and convert them into electricity. Further, these PV cells create direct current electricity when the sun rays hit the solar panels.

  1. Solar inverters turn solar power into electricity

Solar panels cannot work effectively without a solar inverter. It is the solar inverter that converts power into electricity. Further, different solar panels have different types of inverters. Some systems have only one inverter for the full system. On the other hand, some solar panels have microinverter.

Solar inverters make DC electricity usable for homes and offices. They convert DC into alternating current (AC) electricity.

  1. Electricity is used in the homes

The solar electricity is then passed into your homes through the net meter. Then you can use this electricity just like your ordinary electricity. Further, you can charge mobile batteries and laptops using this solar electricity. 

In addition to that, the grid saves more energy from where you can draw more of it whenever there is a need.

  1. The grid stores extra solar energy

Solar panels produce electricity during the daytime. But you can also use it at night when there is no sunlight. This is where the power grid comes into role. The grid lets you use electricity as much as you want. It then saves extra solar power which can be used at night for home or office use.

  1. Net metering

Net meters help you to earn credits for extra solar power. It is the small meter installed in your homes or offices to measure the electricity in the power grid. Further, the net meter measures power in 2 directions. The credits then deposit in your accounts.

  • What are the other factors determined in the production of solar energy?

The main factors in the generation of solar energy are light and temperature. Besides that, the angle of sunlight also plays a vital role. It is important to install the best Solar power system in such a way that it receives maximum sunlight.

Further, you can pick the top solar power system for your homes like SunPower and others. The good quality solar panels work well even in the areas with trees and other obstacles. Besides that, they also take less space on your roofs.

  • Ways to find the best solar panel system installer

You can easily get the best Solar Power System installer from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Apart from that, you can also ask about the various companies that provide good quality solar panels for homes and offices.

Further, the professional Solar Power System installation team arrives at a home on one call. They will measure the size of your roof and suggest the best solar panels for the homes.