The Last Gift Left to the World: Plastic Recycling Lanterns

Sep 25




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this article is about plastic recycling


These artworks are displayed in the Tokyo Modern Art Museum (Tokyo Jiangdong district). The owner of these artworks is a fashion designer called Mr JuergenRail who fortunately passed away in the accident last fall. Mr JuergenRail rang the alarm bell for the earth's ecological environment in original published work.

A corner of the exhibition room is decorated by more than 135 plastic recycling lanterns and becomes a dream house. Plastic caps are combined ingeniously as circles,The Last Gift Left to the World: Plastic Recycling Lanterns Articles triangles and other shapes together like stained glass pieces. Wandering in the world of colorful lights, visitors feel they are swimming in colorful ocean and have no idea that the ocean is built by waste plastics.

In the exhibition of lamps and lanterns, Mr JuergenRail recreates the internal environment of studio which he had stayed in ten days. In ten years, Mr JuergenRail collected various kinds of plastic containers, bottle caps, buoys, toys and other waste materials from the garbage dump in the island. He also classifies them into different groups based on colors and texture.

About 15 years ago, Mr JuergenRail moved to Ishigaki Island and lived there in the situation that human can achieve the target of self-sufficiency in rich natural environment. When he first landed the island, he found that the seaside were piled a great amount of plastic garbage to be buried. Mr JuergenRail said, “This waste plastic cannot give back to the nature”.

As a result, everytime he wandered in the sands, Mr JuergenRail collected this plastic garbage. He ever attempted to ask municipal government to deal with the plastic waste, but it did not get a proper solution. Consider that, Mr JuergenRail was determined to design beautiful and practical necessities. He also attempted to design lanterns made by plastic waste and achieve a success. Because of Mr JuergenRail, we can enjoy the unique masterpieces in the Tokyo art museum; this is the last gift Mr JuergenRail gave us.

As Mr JuergenRail said, “This waste plastic cannot give back to the nature”. For the time being, more and more recycling technology and machine are applied in recycling. The author thought Mr JuergenRail could ask recycling enterprises or organizations for help after he failed to get assistance from municipal government. It is a better way to turn waste to money and establish a healthy recycling system. The materials of plastic lanterns are mainly PET and HDPE. They are all macromolecule materials. If they are isolated in the ocean, the ocean animals may mistake them and suffocate in their windpipes. It is a horrible and immeasurable evil consequence! If Mr JuergenRail just googled PET recycling or plastic recycling, he would find a professional recycling website, the dewater machine Poseidon series can reduce the volume of PET bottle and solve the problem of plastic waste overbalance.