Toronto Recycling

Jan 11


Julie Kinnear

Julie Kinnear

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Toronto offers many convenient options for safe recycling. Find out how, I've done all the research for you!


Fortunately for its population,Toronto Recycling Articles Toronto offers many convenient options for safe recycling. In most cases, you can do this easily by yourself, however - there are scenarios which might be hazardous and require professional assistance. Read the rest of this guide to find out about recycling these less common materials, as we've done the research for you!

Asbestos - Asbestos is a dangerous insulation material which needs extra detailed attention. Always use a facemask and gloves when manipulating, and put it in double secured plastic bags. This is important as the fibres present serious danger when inhaled.

Building material - Your best shot is to separate material which can be recycled in other ways first. This means location and grouping parts made from glass, plastic, wood and metal. You may also sell coherent and reusable piece at a local architectural salvage yard. Visit for more information.

Electronics - CRT monitors, TV's and other electronic waste can be partially reused when recycled. Contact a company that will buy out these materials and simultanously wipe all your personal data that might be included for security reasons. In many cases this the company to call is the manufacturer itself, but you may also call Toronto Recycling Inc. at 416-663-0333 for more details.

Cell Phones - Cell phones age quite quickly and with people renew them usually every two years thanks to popular subscriptions. Consider donating it to someone in your family (especially kids), or people without a home. They'll be happy to use them! If your old cellphone is out of order or cannot be used, take it with you next time to the Toronto Zoo and drop it off at the front entrance. Look for the the ECO-CELL program logo. If you don't feel like visiting, you can mail them in as well to the following address:Toronto Zoo - Cell Phone Recycling ProgramC/O Curator of Conservation Programs361A Old Finch Avenue Scarborough, Ontario M1B 5K7

Bateries & Car Batteries - All bateries contain hazardous material, so please pay attention and recycle them properly. Be sure to use rechargable batteries as they're much more friendly towards the environment due to the possibility of lasting several hundred cycles instead of just one. For battery recycling in Toronto, contact The Battery Broker.

Vehicles - Did you know that old cars, buses or other vehicles can be recycled up to 80%? If it isn't repairable anymore, call Carcone at their toll free number 1-800-263-2022 and schedule a pickup. Don't forget that you'll need documents of car ownership. If you know about an abandoned car, alert the local council first.

Motor Oil, Gasoline, Turpentine - If you have more than 10 litres, call Toxic Taxi at 416-392-4330 and schedule a pickup.

Fluorescent Tubes & Compact Lightbulbs - No matter how much energy you save by using them, these lighbulbs contain dangerous materials such as mercury and poisonous heavy metal. Take them to a Toronto Solid Waste Depot, call 416-338-2010 to find out where is the nearest.