Toronto Home Selling Checklist

Feb 11


Julie Kinnear

Julie Kinnear

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The process of selling your house can seem very overwhelming at the first glance. The reality is, luckily, different - read this article and you'll get a good idea about what to expect and what to prepare for in just a few minutes


Analyze your reasons - Do you have a clear picture in mind about why are you making the change? Are you going through a lifestyle change,Toronto Home Selling Checklist Articles perhaps looking for a new career or moving to a new position on the housing scale? Do you need more space for your family, belongings or simply crave a better setting for relaxation? Writing down an answer to these questions and clarifying your reasons will make it much easier to proceed. You'll find this very useful when communicating with the other individuals involved in the selling process.

Market value - It's important to find out the market value of your home before listing. Know what you can expect and ask what adjustments could you make to your house that will get you more money in the end for your investment.

Pre-listing house inspection - Opting for a pre-listing inspection can significantly speed up the selling process. There are many benefits to this - your buyer will know what to expect but you'll also know about any defects to be fixed before anyone would consider your property.

Get your home ready -Make adjustments, repair and otherwise improve the property based on your research in the point above. Don't underestimate how much time do these steps take and factor in your timing needs.

Timing is crucial - To get the most out of the selling process, you need to understand whether you're in a buyers or a sellers market. The latter makes it very easy to sell your home at market value or above. A buyers market requires better marketing and certainly the help of a professional At this point is also important to decide: What is more important given your current situation, selling your home faster or for more?

FSOB or a realtors assistance? - If you haven't before, decide whether you want to market your home by yourself or benefit from the assistance of a real estate agent. In theory, the first option can save you money, but it's rather questionable whether the efforts will be worth the time. An agent will likely have better negotiating skills and have more options at his/her hand. Ask your realtor about the combination of these two options and see if you can arrange a deal that is good for both sides.

Marketing - When you've decided upon your selling method, it's now time to think about marketing. Getting your property on the MLS should be the first priority. There are many other options - print media & tv advertisement, for sale signs for example - but your best bet is the Internet. There are so many options here that only your imagination and effort is the limits. Ask your realtor what options can he or she offer. Craigslist is one of your best bets.

Showings - Staging your home and tasteful decoration of your interiors and exteriors can push up the final selling price significatly. Depending on the market value of your property, you should consider touching things up yourself or even hiring a designer. Your realtor should also be able to provide you with tips and good advice on the topic. Don't forget to check some of the related articles on our site!

Paperwork - Get prepared and know how you'll handle all the paperwork in advance. The closing process can involve a truly amazing amount documents to sign, and sadly they are often delivered at the last minute. What you can do is to request copies of the standard contracts and look them over carefully, discussing with your realtor and possibly a lawyer as well. Keep in mind that it's in your interest to move quickly in this step. The period between the time an offer is presented and your response is critical - buyers are free to withdraw from the transaction at any point.

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