Wastewater Optimization Analysis & Evaluation

Mar 18


David Wensloff

David Wensloff

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The Big Picture Holistic Approach to Wastewater Treatment...Better and more responsible environmental compliance...

What is Wastewater Optimization?Recognize that your wastewater treatment plant is an entire process,Wastewater Optimization Analysis & Evaluation Articles where all aspects have the potential for improvement, and thus the potential to save you money, increase environmental compliance and boost your profits through optimization..This premise can be described with the weak link metaphor, that any process is only as good as its weakest link, and this has largely proven to be true in all industries, and of course in life as well. If you can make your weakest link stronger, you may be able to improve your overall wastewater treatment plant efficiency, lowering costs at the same time. Lower costs mean higher profits...Many times, strengthening any given aspect of your wastewater system can improve other aspects in a domino effect as well. This way, not only do you improve the individual steps or process points, but improve the whole system where your whole system truly is greater than the sum of the parts. Environmental compliance should be effective, simple and affordable for industries. This has the positive side effect of reducing costs, improving performance and increasing profits.As you can imagine, there are too many variables involved in any given wastewater treatment process, but that said, the optimization follows the same general step as follows:Step 1 - Existing Facility & Wastewater System Review and Performance AnalysisStep 2 - Identification & Limitations of Current SystemStep 3 - Verification thru Lab Testing of Wastewater SamplesStep 4 - Summary of Achievable Goals, Proposed ImprovementsStep 5 - Implementation and System ModificationsStep 6 - Improved Reduction in Effluent Discharges = SavingsWastewater Optimization Step 1 Analyze Existing Facility In the first step, you will go through each and every step of your system, and analyze the performance of each of those steps, as well. as any aspects of each step, mini-steps so to speak. After this thorough analysis a picture of current efficiency emerges, the state of your wastewater system. Step 1 then reveals Step 2. Wastewater Optimization Step 2 Identify Limitations and "Weak Links" - In the first step, you got a clear picture of the current system and how it works. Is it efficient? Does it meet your goals adequately? Probably not, or you wouldn't be reading this... In Step 2 you'll be using that information to reveal the weaknesses, where the system can be improved, root out the money losing inefficient aspects of your system. Why does each step works how it does? How can each step be improved? Are all possible efficiencies being achieved? So you wind up with a list of limitations, areas that can be improved. On to the lab... Wastewater Optimization Step 3 Okay, so you now know your current system and where it appears you can make improvements. Now you verify these potentialities through lab work. Samples of your wastestream at the necessary stages are taken and analyzed. The results of these tests will verify and further refine the areas slated for improvement identified in Step 2. Once the lab has verified, identified and further refined potentialities for improvement, on to the summary... Wastewater Optimization Step 4 Summary of Wastewater Goals & Improvements - After lab verification you're almost there in your wastewater optimization planning and evaluation of your wastewater treatment system processes. Now you summarize the results of the previous 3 steps into an action plan with real, defined and quantified steps to reach the goals you've determined are achievable, and desirable for you. After these four steps are completed, reviewed, refined and modified as needed you move on to Implementation!Wastewater Optimization Step 5Implementation of Your Wastewater Optimization - This is almost the best step, actually doing it! Now you take your plan and work the plan. Even now, feedback will be used to further refine the plan as you implement your optimization. This is the holistic nature of your wastewater optimization, you never lose site of the big picture, better compliance, better efficiency, lower cost. Your wastewater treatment system is modified according to the plan, tested and fine tuned to achieve the goals set forth. Now comes the best step...Wastewater Optimization Step 6Saving Your Money! - Okay, this is the best step, watching it all work and seeing the savings. You've put in the effort, you've analyzed your system, you've made a plan, you've worked your plan, now you watch your wastewater system hum it's way down the road to higher profits.Read more about wastewater optimization...