pH Adjustment with co2 Injection Improves Wastewater Treatment

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Why controlling pH with co2 injection can greatly improve efficiency, reduce cost, and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals in all industrial wastewater treatment processes.

Why control pH with co2?

In wastewater treatment,Guest Posting a pH control system that uses a programmable pH controller and pH probe to proportionally control the flow of carbon dioxide injection decreasing the pH from a basic level to a programmable set point, can substantially streamline any pH adjustment process.

The process of adding carbon dioxide to water using a gas diffuser(s) converts the carbon dioxide to carbonic acid in the water, consuming alkalinity, thereby decreasing the pH. This type of system is very easy to calibrate and can use as little as 120-volts AC, 3 amps, for power. When automated, these systems will also include a pH controller, pH probe, gas regulator, a control panel and can be mounted in a number of ways. CO2 is commonly available in 50 lb, 600 lb and bulk containers.

In a well designed automatic pH control system, all components are neatly housed in a compact enclosure that can either be wall mounted or free standing on a stand. These systems can be scaled to support virtually any gas flow with most not exceeding 500 CFM.

Benefits of CO2 VS. Mineral Acids
  • Non hazardous (documented inventory or manifests)
  • No drum disposal costs 
  • No secondary containment needed 
  • Minimal EC/TDS addition 
  • CO2 operating costs are less than using mineral acids 
  • No liability for operators
Features of this type of pH system:
  • In Tank Diffuser (If needed) 
  • pH probe 
  • Hach SC100 pH Controller 
  • Gas Diffuser Plate     
    • Nearly 100% CO2 saturation     
    • State of the art engineering     
    • Spectacular results
  • Chart Recorder
    • Track your pH     
    • Ensure pH compliance     
    • Charts available with a variety of increments
Optional Features:
  • Inline pH Probe 
  • Inline Pipe Diffuser 
  • Additional Diffusers
  • Additional pH Probe
  • Inline Probe Adaptor
  • Chart Recorder
  • Stainless Steel Stand
Typical Applications
  • Well Potable Water Applications 
  • Cooling Tower Applications 
  • Wastewater pH Adjustment
pH Probe Mounting Hardware Options:
  1. PVC fitting; Mount to NPT threads (enclosed probe)
  2. PVC fitting; Mount to NPT threads (exposed probe) 
  3. PVC fitting; Mount inline with adaptor (enclosed probe) 
  4. Stainless Steel fitting: Mount inline with adaptor (enclosed probe)

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