Why You Should Be Using Silicone Ice Ball Molds Vs Plastic Ice Cube Trays.

Aug 27


John O. Turpen

John O. Turpen

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Plastic ice cube trays have been around for many years but the arrival of silicone ice molds has been a welcome one. A safer alternative to plastic ice trays, silicone is proving to be the safest and most versatile choice of ice molds.


The current resurgence of the ice ball trend,Why You Should Be Using Silicone Ice Ball Molds Vs Plastic Ice Cube Trays. Articles which initially began in Japan several years ago, has now spread to the USA and other countries. Higher end bars and restaurants, due to the high need for ice in their establishment, have actually been making use of the durable but more pricey ice ball machines.

Until now, the average consumer has been creating their own ice cubes at home with either plastic or metal ice cube trays but as more and more people experience an ice ball in their drink when they go to these establishments, the demand for producing ice balls in the comfort of one's home was born. Unfortunately ice ball machines were much too pricey and not practical for home use so a lot of businesses have actually now created their very own versions of ice ball makers to be used at home. Ice ball machines were far too pricey and far from practical for home use therefore several companies have actually now produced their very own versions of ice ball makers for practical home use.

As a much more affordable and more practical alternative to the very expensive ice ball machines, the silcone ice ball mold became a credible contender. Whilst plastic or metal ice cube trays have actually been extensively used for many years to create ice cubes for the consumers in their own home, the silicone ice ball makers are quickly becoming a firm favorite due to the many benefits and features of slow melting ice balls.

People who take pride in the high quality and look of the ice they put in their alcoholic beverages have actually come to favor ice balls as opposed to ice cubes. Due to their bigger and smoother surface area, ice balls melt a lot slower compared to old school ice cubes which have several edges and are much less smooth. The slow melting feature of an ice ball basically means that the flavor and taste of the drink isn't really compromised and therefore does not taste watered down. Ice balls in alcoholic beverages also have an attractive aesthetic benefit to them as they look really stylish, particularly when pieces of lemon or lime have been included in them when freezing.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose to purchase silicone ice ball makers rather than plastic ice cube trays.


A) Are soft and flexible. This is a very essential factor given that as ice freezes, the silicone's subtle flexibility not only allows room for the ice to expand but additionally makes it easier to remove the ice ball from the mold.

B) Snap together conveniently and so are leak free.

C) Are microwave and dishwasher safe therefore really easy to keep clean.

D) Are oven safe to +428F.

E) Are non hazardous, BPA Free as well as approved by the Food and Drug Administration making them a much safer alternative.

F) Are naturally unreactive therefore silicone ice ball molds don't permit microorganisms to grow. Does not leach chemicals into food or liquids

Silicone ice ball molds do not absorb the color, odor and taste of liquids in the way that plastic ice trays do.

Plastic ice cube trays, on the other hand, are hard and often tend to leak or split. The cubes of ice melt a great deal faster compared to ice balls. Much more notably, some plastic ice trays still include some BPA which is potentially harmful. In some cases there is an undesirable after taste in the ice when using plastic ice cube trays. The ice cubes melt a great deal faster compared to ice balls.

Another benefit is that a superior high quality silicone ice ball mold is novel enough to be a terrific present to your friends and family members.

So I ask you, who would want to be given an uninteresting plastic ice ball tray?

In conclusion, silicone ice ball makers are certainly superior compared to plastic ice cube trays.