10 Reasons To Hate Your Bed

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There are many reasons to hate your bed. In fact there are a lot of reasons you can find for hating your bed. Does your bed creak? Is the mattress not comfortable? Is it too small for you? This article will address all of the reasons why it's ok to hate your bed whether you enjoy your bed or not.

There are many reasons to hate your bed. I'm sure you can think of some right now. Hating your bed doesn't mean that you hate it because you don't like it. You may hate your bed because you enjoy being in it too much and you can't get anything else done. Well,Guest Posting no matter the reason here are some great reasons why you should hate your bed.

1.) Hate your bed because it creaks. - Yes, your bed tends to creak at night when the connecting hardware has worked its way loose or two pieces of the bed are rubbing together when you move around on the bed to get more comfortable. Annoying? Oh, yes and worse there are often few ways to minimize the creak. Maybe that creak is coming from a floor board? Don't get me started.

2.) Hate your bed because of the mattress. - Your mattress is old, lumpy, unsupportive and evey morning you wake up it feels like your back it being poked by little sharp nails. You hate waking up to this feeling and just wish you could throw the whole thing out the window. Yes, hate your mattress.

3.) Hate your bed because your sheets slip off. - Maybe the bed has a really strong polyurethane that allows everything that comes in contact with it to simply slip off. You wake up in the middle of the night only to find blankets and sheets all over the floor. Maybe we should just hate our sheets at this point.

4.) Hate your bed because you're too old for it. - No I'm not taking about in your later years, I'm taking about hitting your teens and discovering that tiny twin bed just isn't long enough for you. Worse, your room is too small for anything bigger. Keep banging your feet on that tiny footboard. If this is you, then you're are allowed to hate your bed.

5.) Hate your bed because it blocks everything. - Yoru bedroom is adequete in size but your bed seems to block the heating/air vents, windows and closet doors. It seems to be in the way all of the time. You try to get around it but alot of effort is required. Maybe we just hate this room.

6.) Hate your bed because it's ugly. - This may not have been your fault. Twenty years ago your parents may have thought this was a stylish bed that would last the ages. They were right, the thing is still going and when cowboys and indians were popular the wagon wheel headboard and little cowboy hats were great. Now you're dating in college and this bed is likely to be a major turn off when bringing that special someone home. Oh yes, hate your bed.

7.) Hate your bed because because it's hard to get into. - Climbing into bed for you really is climbing into bed. When you get ready at night you have to track down your gear which includes ropes, gloves, carabiners, cams, pick ax and a steady supply of fluids before you make the climb into your bed. We're not sure what the manufacturer of these mattresses and boxsprings had in mind but it apparently didn't include built in side ladders to get you into bed. Sure, go ahead and hate the bed.

8.) Hate your bed because someone puked on it. - Parties happen, it's a simple fact. Your party guests are throughout the house. You're just having a great time enjoying some drinks and conversation. One of your party patrons rushes up stairs through your bedroom to the sounds of heaves and splatters. You rush upstairs only to discover your bed took the brunt of it. Pretty gross actually. Don't hate your bed. Hate the guy puking in your bathroom.

9.) Hate your bed because its comfortable. - There is nothing better than having a really comfortable bed. There is nothing worse than family members knowing about it and wanting to use it before you do. Your bed sits in the bedroom while you're away at school. You return for the the summer only to find your brother or sister has "acquired" it away from you. Hate your bed, maybe. Always keep the comfortable ones close.

10.) Hate your bed because your pillows disappear. - You're in a nice restful sleep. You turn your body over and your head hits mattress. You come to, only to discover... no pillow. It has slipped off of your bed once again. You reach down behind the bed and pull it back up and try to get comfortable all over again. Hate your bed or just that the pillows keep pulling a Houdini?

There are many reasons to hate your bed. Some good and some bad. Just remember that you have some control over the things you hate. These things will help you to develop a sense though for things you really like about your bed and the next time you replace your bed you can address the things you hate by avoiding those things in your next bed. Do I hate my bed? Maybe I do or maybe I just strongly dislike it alot.

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