6 Types of Graduation Picture Frames that Make Great Gifts

Mar 4


Autumn Lockwood

Autumn Lockwood

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If you want to give a graduation gift that will be enjoyed for years, then you should consider giving a graduation picture frame. But before you start shopping for a graduation frame, find out what types of frames you want to avoid.

If you want a graduation gift that will be kept and appreciated for years to come, 6 Types of Graduation Picture Frames that Make Great Gifts Articles then you should consider giving a graduation picture frame. You can find graduation frames that will fit almost any budget and are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes and sizes. The most considerate graduation gift is one that reflects the interests and decorative style of the graduate. With the wide variety of graduation picture frames available, you will be able to select a gift that suits the graduate and will be used for many years.This may seem odd to you, since you are purchasing a graduation gift, but avoiding frames that have the word “graduation” or “graduate” engraved on them will give the frame added life. Also avoid frames that have tassels, mortarboards or diplomas decorating the frame. These items are appropriate for a graduation, but once the graduation is over the frame won't be used to display any other picture and will likely get discarded over time.What kind of graduation frame will stand the test of time? These are the most common types of graduation picture frames:1. Graduation Tassel Picture FrameGraduation tassel frames showcase just that – the graduation tassel. These frames have a place for a photo and a narrow slot to display the graduation tassel. This is a great way to keep the tassel protected and displayed in a more stylish manner than hanging it from a rear view mirror. A graduation tassel frame is a great for someone who wants a specific graduation keepsake to remind them of their graduation day.2. Graduation Diploma FrameMany graduates, especially of higher education, choose to display their diploma on the wall of their home or office. A graduation diploma frame is a useful gift that will allow the graduate to display their accomplishment proudly on the wall.3. Shadow Box Picture FrameThere is so much more to a graduate's school memories than just the diploma.  A shadow box frame is the perfect gift for a graduate for showcasing scholastic as well as athletic honors and awards. Shadow boxes come in frame depths from 1/2" up to 1 3/4" so there is sufficient room for displaying a variety of small keepsakes. If you want to display larger objects in your frame, a custom shadow box frame can be made to fit any dimension you need.4. Scrapbook Picture FrameDoes your graduate like to create scrapbook pages? If so, scrapbook frames are the perfect gift for a female graduate. Each school accomplishment, up to and including graduation, can be turned into a scrapbook page and displayed in a scrapbook frame. Scrapbook picture frames are a wonderful way to share memories with friends and family. You can even personalize your scrapbook page with signatures and messages from friends or family to make your keepsake even more special.5. Collage Photo FramesA collage picture frame is another wonderful gift for a female graduate. Collages are more popular among women and are a great way to display a variety of favorite photos and memories all in one frame.  Collages can be personalized by adding a personalized mat to your collage frame. Friends or family can write messages or notes on the frame's mat to make the frame a more meaningful keepsake. One reason collage photo frames are such a fun gift is because the photos can be easily changed at any time to create a completely new photo display.6. High Quality Photo FramesIf you want to give a graduation gift that can will stand the test of time, select a high quality picture frame. Not sure what that would be? Examples of quality frames are sterling silver picture frames, pewter frames, silver plated frames and solid wood frames. These classic photo frames can be appreciated for years because they can go with almost any picture and style of decor.Quality frames are available in a wide range of prices to fit any budget. You should be able to find a quality frame in a price you can afford. These precious metal and solid wood frames can be engraved with the graduate’s name, graduation date or even a special message to commemorate their special day. But, if you want your graduation gift to display a variety of special picture's throughout the graduate's life, then you probably want to skip the engraving.The next time you're looking for a special graduation gift consider buying a quality photo frame that can be used for years. Instead of spending money on a gift that will become dated or discarded, give a graduation gift that can be appreciated for years. High quality picture frames are a thoughtful gift that tells the graduate how special they are to you and how proud you are of their accomplishments.