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Eyes are the key attraction. It advances the individuality also. That is why don't limit your eye make up to kajal or eye shadow only. Wear such a theatrical eye make up that they catch the concentration of the people watching you.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow in the shape of stick:- Few eye shadows are in stick form & are solid like cream. They become loose during summers & stiff during winters,Guest Posting because of which it is hard to apply & spread them. Powder eye shadow are like dense powder. They have moisturizer also. They stay on skin for long period. They are best for oily skin. They are applied with the help of applicator. Creamy eye shadow are best for dry skin because there base is oil. They can be spreaded on the skin easily. Pencil eye shadow is just like eyebrow pencil which is found in different colors. But they are more soft than eyebrow pencil. The eye shadow is applied through them & after this spreaded evenly through tips of fingers. Few eye shadow are in stick appearance and are hard like cream. They become slack during summers and become hard during winters. Because of which it is tricky to apply and extend them.

How to Choose Eye Shadow

To opt the color of eye shadow we should notice the eyeball. The color of eyeball is the bases to select the color of eye shadow. If the color of eyeball is blue or alike to it than brown or grey color eye shadow will seem good. If the color of eye ball is accurate blue than dark brown, purple or dark green color shadow will look good.If the eye ball is of brown color than dark green or charcol (ash of wood) color eye shadow will increase the beauty of eyes. If light green color eye ball is there than green, grey, bronze & golden color eye shadow will look good. If your complexion is very pale than blue, pink & charcol color shadow will look good. On fair skin red, brown & yellowish color shadow will look good. On brown skin light brown, dark brown & golden color shadow will seem good.

Applying Mascara

First of all you choose that you desire to do easy make up or party make up. After this make the result of dry or wet makeup. After doing the entire face make up than there will be the turn of eyes. Give preference to water proof or water soluble mascara. For eliminating the water soluble mascara there is no need of make up remover, whereas for removing the water proof mascara you have to rub the eyes little bit which will cause wrinkles on face. Water proof mascara is good for athletes and swimmers. If you are interested in applying colorful mascara than the color of mascara should be according to the color of hair. Mascara can be applied according to diverse dresses, but shun applying colorful mascara at work place. If you want to give exciting appear in the evening, than show your imagination to colored mascara absolutely.

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