Apartment Renters are Looking for More Than Just a Place to Live

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Apartments have always been a "place to live," but these days resdients - especially younger renters - are looking for features that make their lives easier, and enhance their lifestyle.

That means that every renter will have a different checklist of things they look for in an apartment,Guest Posting and the range of items that may be on that checklist is very large. Bear in mind that no apartment will be a perfect fit, but by going into the search with a checklist of things that are important, renters can make the best choice for their lifestyle.

Here are the most in-demand features today:

The Basics

Within the apartment itself, renters look for spacious rooms, up-to-date and fully functional appliances, and (if furnished) clean, modern furnishings.

Since most people have full-time jobs, it's important to have extended office hours - ideally 24x7 - and an emergency maintenance number.

Safety features should include gated access to the apartment, cardkey access to the buildings, security cameras in the parking garage and the hallways, working fire alarms in every room, emergency lighting in hallways, secure doors with deadbolts, and perhaps an alarm system in the apartment itself.

Recreational Facilities

Many apartments have pools and fitness centers.  On-site fitness facilities make it easier for busy renters to stay in shape, and save the costs of a monthly gym membership.

Other popular recreational options include spas, tennis courts, outdoor barbeques and patio seating, putting greens, and theater rooms.

Many apartments also have regularly scheduled "mixers" and other events, and even newsletters to alert renters to happenings in the area.


The apartment should offer an easy commute or quick access to mass transit, good "walkability," and nearby shopping and restaurants.

Although it can add to the expense, many people look for waterfront apartments, which have great views, fresh air, and access to recreational activities including swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, and waterfront dining.

Waterfront living has been shown to have real health benefits, including a reduction in stress, and enhanced immunize systems due to higher levels of oxygen in the air!


May apartment complexes also offer services to make life a little more convenient for busy residents.  Popular services include dry-cleaning and laundry drop-off and delivery, concierge services, on-site car washing and detailing, valet parking options, and even dog-walking services.


For renters with kids, it's important to look for fenced play areas with safe play equipment, and nearby family-friendly recreational options.

For dog-lovers, it's important to have convenient areas to walk their dogs.  Pet-friendly apartment buildings should also offer water bowls in public areas, and convenient poop-bag dispensers.  Extra points if the office staff is dog-friendly and keeps treats on hand!

Whatever their priorities, renters are looking for more than just a place to live.  Their looking for options that give them a better life!

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