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The birth control patch or contraceptive patch is applied on the skin for a period of seven days,Guest Posting and releases synthetic estrogen and progestin hormones to prevent pregnancy. The birth control patch is similar to contraceptive pills and offers similar effectiveness; however, is much easier to use than the pills and is therefore gaining popularity in the US.

In Canada and the US, contraceptive patches are marketed under the brand name Ortho Evra, and are sold only by prescription. Just like contraceptive pills, contraceptive patches are also synthetic hormone contraceptives that release hormones gradually over the course of a week, to stop ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy. Sometimes, the contraceptive patches thicken cervical mucus and does not permit sperm to reach the ovary.

As with contraceptive pills, the effectiveness of birth control patches may get diminished if a woman takes other medications, like antibiotics, antifungals or other drugs, along with the contraceptive patch. Side effects of using contraceptive patches are also similar to that of birth control pills, with common problems like weight gain, and changes in sexual intensity, vaginal discharge and menstrual cycle. Some other side effects reported by women are nausea, headaches, depression, skin problems and gum inflammation. In the US, researchers are also debating whether the contraceptive patch might cause deep-vein thrombosis. Sometimes, these patches might also cause potentially serious side effects like blood clots. Although women commonly report side effects after the usage of contraceptives, however, researchers are still investigating these effects to reach a final conclusion.

A contraceptive patch can be used easily, and a woman usually applies the patch onto her upper arm, buttocks, abdomen or thigh on the first day of her menstrual cycle. Women in the US and Canada are using this new mode of contraception quite rapidly, as it not only offers the high effectiveness of contraceptive pills but is more convenient to use.

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