Contraceptive patches – an alternative to the pill

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Contraception is a necessity for women who are sexually active and vital in helping to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptive patches are preferred by some women over oral contraceptive pills. Evra patch is the only contraceptive patch available on the market.

Contraception is a necessity for women who are sexually active and vital in helping to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Condoms,Guest Posting were originally the primary source for preventing a woman from becoming pregnant. However their unreliability subsequently led to the introduction of hormonal contraceptives. Today, there are authentic hormonal contraceptives available through prescription, which have proven far more effective and successful in preventing women from conceiving. There are three hormonal contraceptive methods available, oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive rings and contraceptive patches. Of the three, the oral pill was initially the most popular amongst women. However, with time, the other hormonal methods have gained equal popularity.

Unlike the burden faced with remembering to take the pill everyday, the patches are considered quite easy to use. As a result a contraceptive patch has been found to be a convenient alternative to the birth control pills. This transdermal patch is to be applied on through your skin, releasing the synthetic hormones within. A patch consists of synthetic versions of the two naturally existing female hormones of oestrogen and progestogen. Currently, Evra patch is the only contraceptive patch available on the market.

The side of the patch that is attached to your skin consists of the hormones, which are absorbed into the bloodstream via your skin. This patch is to be applied for a week and then changed; this procedure is to be continued for three weeks. The fourth week is patch free, during which you are likely to have your withdrawal bleeding, similar to your monthly period. The two synthetic hormones present in a patch are ethinylestradiol, synthetic oestrogen and norelgestromin, synthetic progestogen. This patch works in three different ways, to subsequently prevent you from conceiving.

First, the patch prevents the process of ovulation by preventing the ripening of an egg and its release from your ovaries. Second, Evra prevents fertilisation of an egg by thickening the mucous in your cervix, making the journey of a sperm from vagina to womb difficult. Finally, this contraceptive prevents an egg from attaching itself to the womb walls and growing further by preventing the womb lining from thickening. These three functions of Evra patch provide women with nearly 100% protection against pregnancy. One of the major benefits of using a contraceptive patch is that it does not interfere with your daily routine.

The patch can be worn even while you are washing or bathing, swimming or exercising. Another advantage is that this particular contraceptive is reversible. However this also  means that you can get pregnant once you have stopped using it. This patch also gives you the benefit of having regular, lighter and shorter periods. However, like any other prescription treatment, there are certain side effects you may experience, on using this contraceptive. These include nausea, fluid retention, breast enlargement or pain and irritation at the site of application. An important point to bear in mind while you purchase Evra patch in Ireland through a licensed online clinic, is to check if the site is authentic,  as there is a risk that you could end up buying fake contraceptive.

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Contraceptive methods have proven quite beneficial for women, especially those who are sexually active and want to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.The contraceptive patch, such as the Evra patch has proven to be a convenient alternative to birth control pills. Read below to learn more about the patch.Written by Adelisa Neumark ,webmaster and content writer of a leading online clinic in Ireland.

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