Children of Excess…….Are We Giving Our Children Too Much?

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Giving our children too much can very well set them up for disappointments later in life. We have to raise not only responsible children, but children who are allowed to work for what they desire in order to help build self confidence and self-esteem in their life.

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Too many children take life so easy; they don't know what it means to work hard to acquire their desires. They are handed everything they want much too easy. We are in a generation of excess. They want it all,Guest Posting and they want it now! According to Teen Newsweek, October 11, 2004, 30 percent of parents say that brand preference is of "major importance" to their kids. It is sad that many parents let the fad of the generation keep them in debt for their children. Is this only to impress?

In the same study, 75 percent of parents say their kids do fewer chores than children did 10 years ago. In 2003, 12 to 19-year-olds spent roughly $175 billion or $53 billion more than in 1997, according to Teen Research Unlimited. Some psychologists say that parents who overindulge their kids may be setting them up for future anxiety and depression. Recent studies show that kids who were given too much too soon often have difficulty coping with life's disappointments as adults. I often see parents allowing their children to make their own decisions about clothing as well as where they go and who they go with. Allowing our children to work less and get more, I will say is a big set up for them later in life. We must show discipline in every area of our lives. Disciple has to be in shopping, eating, working, and even thing simple as just talking.

Everything we do should always be done with a balance and in love. Consistency is necessary. Proper discipline brings lasting results to both child and parent. We discipline our children to save them pain and disappointment. A lot of us have disciplined our children without realizing why we did it. When our children ask us why we make decisions concerning them, our famous answer is, "Because I told you so." Now what kind of answer is that? We have to be open and honest with our children, most of all we must be stern and firm in our decisions.

Guidelines to Live By

We have standards and guidelines in our home, and while our girls are there with us, they will have to abide by them. If clothing seems to be too revealing, I tell them if you are willing to show it, you may be willing to give it away. My girls on occasion have made comments like, "Well everybody does it," and I kindly say to them, "Well, you're not!" I tell them they will be accountable for their actions and stand in judgment one day for every decision made. We all will. You don't want to shorten your blessings and days on earth by following what others are doing when you know the right thing to do. It's not worth it!

As parents, don't settle for simple parenting because you feel it will hurt your child's feelings. We have to put those feelings out of the way and stick to what we feel in our heart is best for our child. What is good for Johnny down the street may not be good for my child. Therefore, we have to do what rest in our heart and stick with what is comfortable with the decisions we make while raising our children.

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