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Are you willing to have faith in parenting or have faith in a 30 year mortgage? We can't surrender to material things for the cost of our parenting skills.

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We seem to have more faith in a 30-year mortgage than in our ability to be good parents! When we truly trust God,Guest Posting we don't hesitate to accept a job offer that is in our heart even if the money may be less than another position we are interested in. God will set up a position just to lead us into one where the finances are there just as we desired.

So many parents are so busy working, working, and more working that there is no quality time to share with their children. Our parents made many mistakes. They did the best they could with what they knew, but there is no better way than doing it God's way. At one time I conversed with my husband about the need for both of us to work outside the home. Because men are goal oriented, they don't see results as we see them. What they see is RIGHT NOW! They see a goal. All this is good, but it shouldn't be at the expense of our time with our children. Current statistics show that the average man spends about 45 seconds a day with his children under the age of three. How sad is that?

It seems so easy to further our education or seek a great promotion, but how much time do we spend in the Bible to enhance our spiritual lives? There is nothing wrong with education or a good job; however, we can't gain such things at the cost of our family time. We must trust God! I know this for a fact. There have been a few jobs I thought I wanted, however what I felt in my heart wasn't what the job had to offer. Surely God had another position with the salary, time, and flexibility I desired. Communicating with Teens

As our children become teenagers, it is even more imperative to be there for them. Those hormones arrive, peer pressure comes upon them, and they just don't know what to do. I tell my girls, "As parents we are here for you." I talk with them about all the challenges they will face in life. I explain how important it is for them to walk as a young lady. I let them come to me with questions, and I give them the best answers I can. We spend time chatting about the day's activities. They share with me sad things that some children are experiencing day to day. Our children shouldn't rely on advice from their peers. Their peers are experiencing the same pressures and frustrations; parents can provide better answers to their questions. I want to encourage you to keep the door of communication open, and try not to shut down situations that would cause your teen to drawback from you.

I surely know these are truly times of challenges and dilemmas', therefore we have to stay focused and be determined we will not cave in and quit on our parenting so we will be successful in our attempt in being a good parent.

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