Choosing the Right Bedding For Your Child

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Which bed linen is perfect for your child.

We as parents know that our children's bedding should always be comfortable to sleep in. If the bedding is uncomfortable,Guest Posting there is a 99% chance that our kids will be getting up in the middle of the night and telling us about it. Kids bedding should either be made of 100% Organic Cotton or Bamboo. These natural fibers are more breathable and hypoallergenic. Thread count is also an important factor. A Thread Count of 180 or more is considered to be ideal for children. Not only is the fabric and Thread Count considered to be important factors, the type of bedding is important as well. Here are just a few:

  • Bed sheets - usually includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow case. These sheets are great for kids to use alone in the summer because it has no insulation. The fitted sheet is considered to be the bottom sheet. It has elastic sewn into each one of the four corners. This helps keep the sheet in place. The flat sheet, also known as the top sheet, has many purposes. It is a rectangular sheet of cloth that is usually placed on top of the fitted sheet but can also be tucked into the mattress or used as a bed skirt. Tucking in the flat sheet for a child's bed is not always a good idea since the sheet can slip off the mattress if is not tucked in properly.
  • Hugger comforters - makes it easy for parents and children to make the bed. The corners at the foot of this unique piece is made to wrap around the mattress, similar to what a fitted sheet does. The hugger comforter is perfect for kids because the fitted corners at the foot of the comforter helps keep the bedding in place. Parents will also love the fact that the kids are more likely to make the bed because it requires less sheets.
  • Duvet covers - can come to the rescue when it comes to protecting our kids comforters from common stains like spaghetti and fruit punch. The cover is placed over the comforter and sealed with either buttons, zippers, snaps or ties, this helps keep the comforter from slipping out. We all know that comforters are very difficult to wash because they do not move freely in the washer machine because of their bulkiness. The duvet cover has a big advantage since it can be removed and placed in the washer machine alone or with the rest of the sheets. Of course, the duvet cover would have to be pre-treated just like regular bed sheets, to get rid of the stains. Always make sure to check the manufacturer care label before washing, just in case the duvet cover cannot be washed.

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