Components Of Embroidery Digitizing Process

Nov 16




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How would you like to do an embroidery on your own and also not have to spend too much of time doing it. Does this sound strange, off course not. In t...

How would you like to do an embroidery on your own and also not have to spend too much of time doing it. Does this sound strange,Components Of Embroidery Digitizing Process Articles off course not. In the age of technology this should really not surprise you. If you are an embroidery lover, or embroidery professional or someone who loves to decorate his/her house with artifacts having embroidery on it, we have the Digitizing that has made embroidery all the more easier, faster and lots of fun.There are three components involved in the embroidery digitizing process.1.The embroidery Machine2.The digitizing software3.The Design and material that goes into it.So does it sound easy? Actually it is let us see how we can get an embroidery done in lesser time with lovely designs and colors without having to spend too much time.Firstly you need to have an embroidery machine; if you already have one then it should not be a problem. Otherwise you can buy a good embroidery machine, and before you go shopping do some research and surely take the help of the sales person in the shop. Do explain the sales person what exactly you are looking for. The sales person might suggest the expensive machine but they are the one who have a lot of knowledge in what embroidery machine will fit your need. But still it’s advisable to do a research of your own when you go out to purchase an embroidery machine for yourself. One more suggestion, take with you a few pieces of cloth along to test out the machine.Once you have decided on the embroidery machine, for embroidery digitizing you have to install digitizing software. You have to buy this separately; it has to be installed on your embroidery machine. You’ll get this software in various ranges of prices. The higher the price more features come with the program.Wow! you are now ready to use your digitized embroidery machine. Firstly decide the design you want to make or you can create one of your own. If you are using a pre made design or existing file you will have to open the file in the program and make the changes in the design as per your requirement. You can add text, change colors and size, and also edit the stitch style. After you have finalized the design you have to save that file onto your embroidery machine in a format that it can read. With the digitized design saved on your embroidery machine’s card, you are ready to start; with a click of a button you have your embroidery on your chosen material. Within no time you have your embroidery ready. Is it not faster than your hand embroidery which would have taken more time? Try embroidery digitizing once and you will not be disappointed.